All You Need to Know About OUAC

The Ontario Universities Application Centre, or OUAC, is where students who want to go to universities in Ontario can fill out their applications in one place for free. Every university decides who to let in, and OUAC handles the application process. After candidates complete their applications on the OUAC, they are sent to the university they want to attend. When an application is received, the applicant gets an OUAC reference number that they can use when they talk to the OUAC or Ontario universities.

OUAC is a part of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU). It makes it easier for people to apply to universities in Ontario. The institution, not the OUAC, is in charge of making a judgment about whether or not to admit an applicant.

How OUAC operates

Before sending in an application through the OUAC, students must determine what kind of application they wish to submit and then enter their own personal and contact details. High school details, GPA, courses taken, intended major(s) in college, and any supporting materials required by the institutions being applied to are all included in the application.

Students can pay a fee to apply to any program at an Ontario university once every school year. They can only apply for three programs at each school, though. The deadlines depend on the program for which the student is applying.

Who can use OUAC to apply?

• Candidates who live in Canada (Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or migrants) or who are studying in Canada on a visa or study permit can use OUAC 105 to apply. You can also apply through OUAC 105 if you are a Canadian citizen outside Canada or a permanent resident who does not attend an Ontario high school day program.

• Canadian nationals and permanent residents who live outside of Canada and don’t attend an Ontario high school day program in Ontario or overseas can also use OUAC 105 to apply.

Things that make up an OUAC application

You can start by making an OUAC account once you’ve researched the programs you want to apply to. From here, you may choose which programs and colleges you want the system to send your application to.

Once you’ve sent in your choices, you can complete the OUAC application, review it, and finish it. The OUAC application is made up of a few separate parts. It has your personal contact information and your academic history, high school transcripts, and documentation linked to your chosen programs. The OUAC doesn’t require these documents. Still, they can be by the programs you’re interested in, including personal statements, additional college essays, or the Common App activities section, which might fill out the parts of your application that don’t have to do with your grades. Your extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interests outside of school can be shown through the Common App activities. At the same time, your college essays and personal statements allow you to demonstrate to the admissions committee how good a writer you are and share personal information about yourself.


The Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) is where students can apply to all Ontario universities. If you want to attend law school, medical school, or even dentistry school in Canada, you will apply through the OUAC. If you need support, you can get it through USCA Academy.

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