OUAC Canada: The Ultimate Process to Achieve Your Education Dreams

Canada is among the most trusted places for students pursuing a dream career. Some top-most schools in Canada’s Ontario provide state-of-the-art education for thousands of aspirants across the globe. Therefore, admission to one of those Canadian universities requires meeting several criteria. The process is also complex, with different institutions having different acceptance rates. A student willing to access higher education in Ontario must know the details of OUAC.

Explaining OUAC

OUAC, Ontario Universities Application Centre, is a channel to simplify the complicated and vast university admission programs in the city. It’s the only platform you can easily apply for a post-secondary program in any of Ontario’s universities.

Terms and Conditions

OUAC Canada is an entirely non-profit program. However, if you want to avail the facilities of this program, you need to go through specific terms and rules. Those are as follows: –

  • The program covers all the public universities of Ontario. Whichever your subject specification, the application channel is the same.
  • High school students are eligible to apply for post-secondary programs.
  • International students are also eligible for OUAC, along with domestic ones.
  • OUAC includes applications for various undergraduate courses, like medical, law, teaching education, and rehabilitation science.
  • Applying for two or more schools requires one single application only. You don’t have to apply multiple times to different universities.
  • One student is eligible to apply to as many as three universities. They can apply for three collaborative programs from different schools as well.
  • The OUAC program guides each student with adequate information that will be necessary regarding their applications.
  • You will get to know everything about the requirements of the university you have applied to.
  • The process is easy and online.
  • More excellent selections involve additional fees.
  • Whereas $150 CDN is the base fee, more excellent selection requires an extra $50. International students need to pay an additional charge of $10.

Criteria for Application:

OUAC Canada includes a good list of all the colleges and their courses which may be relevant for students. The universities require the students to match specific criteria to get admission. These are as follows: –

  • A high school degree from Ontario is mandatory. The students must possess an OSSD in the current year with six 4U/M courses.
  • Graduates can also re-apply for another course through this common platform.
  • Students having a discontinuation of more than seven months can’t apply.
  • Students already enrolled in a university or college for a post-secondary course are not eligible.
  • The age of the students should not be more than 21 years.

OUAC is just a channel to send the application to the right place. It doesn’t, in any way, impact the admission process. The acceptance or rejection of an application ultimately depends on the university’s acceptance rate.

The competitive application scenario and OUAC

The application scenario in Ontario is hugely competitive because of its growing demand among worldwide students. OUAC Canada covers the application process of all the twenty-one Ontario universities offering admissions to more than half a million students annually.

Except for this centralized channel, the admission process would be confusing and overwhelming for the students.

The applications are of two types. One is 101, and the other is 105.

All the students of Ontario high schools fall into the first application category.

The 105 application is for students outside Ontario. All the students outside Ontario fall into the second category, even if they are from Canada.

OUAC steps

You have to go through a few simple steps while applying through OUAC.

Proper research

OUAC program is an integrated process which offers all necessary information about colleges and universities along with a proper listing. But you have to do adequate research on the courses you want to apply for.


You can apply from the official OUAC website. It requires signing in with your username and password. The applications section offers every necessary detail and procedure. Fill out the form carefully.

Post-application procedure

Once you have applied through OUAC for your post-secondary course, check your emails. The university selecting you for the next round will inform you via email.

To wrap it up

OUAC makes it easier for students to enroll in their dream courses in Ontario universities. You have to know the proper procedure and go through it, then research the courses you target.

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