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Our Courses are delivered with the students in mind.We work with the students to help them to get in top universities.

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summer school allows some students to qualify for earlier admission to university.

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Welcome to Canada’s Best International School – USCA Academy 

USCA Academy is an international school and private school, with our main location situated in Mississauga, Ontario. At USCA Academy, we pride ourselves on providing international students and local students with a quality education from professional and highly experienced teachers and tutors. We offer a wide variety of programs ranging from elementary and middle school levels, high school levels and university level preparation programs. Some programs we offer are: Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program, University Preparation Program, Grade 1-8 Full Day Program, Language Preparation Coaching(IELTS/TOFEL/ESL)WaterlooMath Contest Coaching, Quality Tutoring, ETC.   


We provide our students with the resources, knowledge, and guidance to succeed in their academic studies and personal lives. We help build the fundamental knowledge needed to grasp academic concepts, and the support needed for students to excel. Our staff also works to ensure that you or your child has the guidance and encouragement to use these skills learned and apply it to real-world situations. This is beneficial for students who will soon be needing to apply the skills they learned in a job setting in order to build their careers.


We offer High School Credit Courses towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

170 Robert Speck Parkway Mississauga, Ontario

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The benefits of enrolling you or your child in our private school include:


  • Highly experienced Ontario Certified Teachers 
  • Manageable class sizes with the opportunity for one on one attention
  • High-School credit courses and University Preparation Programs
  • Positive climate for students with diverse backgrounds and needs
  • Dedicated and caring staff
  • Flexible class times and schedules


USCA Academy teaches the Ontario curriculum with a focus on authentic learning experiences. The Ontario Curriculum is one of the best in North America, meaning students are truly receiving quality education. Students who graduate from USCA Academy receive acceptance into top universities in Canada and the USA.



USCA Academy helps students reach their educational goals through coaching and extra curricular activities. Our teachers are dedicated towards ensuring each student’s success. Many of our students have an easy transition to top rated Universities.



USCA Academy employs Licensed Ontario teachers who are trained to help students succeed. Our staff are friendly and ready to help you transition to university.




Quality Education

Quality Education

At USCA, we value our students. Our long term goal is to prepare students to become global citizens and modern learners, capable of competing for high quality opportunities all over the world.



USCA Academy is Head Quartered in Mississauga, Canada. Mississauga is a global destination for many international students. We are located very close to the downtown core, of Toronto, Ontario. Upon Graduation, Students can easily join the University of Toronto which is a world class university, with locations in Toronto & Mississauga.


We believe in providing timely and immediate feedback to students and parents. Our feedback is ongoing, providing multiple opportunities for students to succeed, and to keep parents in the loop regarding their child’s education.

USCA Academy is proud to be official IELTS test partner for British Council in Canada.

IELTS test results are required for internationally educated individuals who wish to study, work, or live in Canada.

Public institutions and regulating bodies typically require an IELTS score from the Academic test for admissions to their institution or certification into a professional field. National and provincial governments also require an IELTS score from the General test as part of the immigration process for various programs as proof of English-language ability.

Our Partnering Immigration Lawyers&Firms

Global Student-Centre
North Vista
Canadian Standard Legal Service
Rundle Education & Immigration Consultant

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