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Best Elementary Schools in Mississauga


 Our Elementary Programs:

  • Primary: Grades 1-3
  • Junior: Grades 4-6
  • Intermediate: Grades 7-8

Our Elementary Program

USCA Academy presents an elaborate division of Elementary Schools that focuses on delivering knowledge and learning processes at a personalized pace. We consider and understand that the learning capabilities of aspirants are not similar. Hence, we provide a unified platform where we focus on nurturing young minds in order to make them curious and knowledgeable. Our prime aim is to instill the curiosity of learning by providing tailored opportunities. These opportunities come with project-based and inquiry-based experiential learning programs that will be attended by aspirants with full attention. Spironolactone online

Our well-organized curriculum niftily covers Language, Mathematics, Technology, Science, World Issues/Social Studies, Geography, History, Health Education, Physical Education, and Music. The diverse range of subjects is judiciously distributed throughout the curriculum, offering exemplary opportunities to the students to cope and enjoy learning! Dutasteride online

The program will also deliver suitable study material covering textbooks, educational videos, workbooks, online scholarly journals, etc. along with professional assistance from handpicked experienced teachers. We also consider technology as a part of all the learning process to make the programs interactive for the students of Elementary Schools. Duloxetine online

Our best elementary schools in Mississauga will ensure the development of creative thinking and critical learning skills. These skills will help students tackle real-life situations and to cope with any situation in the long run. We infuse smart solutions for common issues and teach students how to use them. The environment of the Elementary School program focuses on developing brilliant study habits and teaching students how to maintain a life-home balance. They will also find extracurricular activities a fascinating part of the programs. Lasix online

At USCA Academy, all the programs consider Arts as a channel to express creativity. Students discover their hidden talents in our nurturing environment and will be able to explore them efficiently. We also consider Physical Education as a part and parcel of all the programs to ensure a balanced development of the students mind and body in Elementary Schools.

Primary: Encouraging Natural Curiosity and a Love of Learning

USCA Academy is considered as one of the best elementary schools in Mississauga by the parents. It is our brilliant effort behind each student that made us a trustworthy education platform. Our experienced team of faculty understands the importance and influence of primary education. We recognize and individualize every child enrolling in our primary education program. This helps us to find out the ideal learning procedure for every student through his/her experimental approach!

The aspirants enrolled in Grades 1 to 3 focus on learning the basics of education along with problem-solving skills, self-regulation skills, and independent studying habits. We also ensure a constructive platform where students will learn how to read, write, and solve. This conceptual development encourages every student to build language skills, mathematics skills, etc. and helps construct a foundation based on experience and knowledge. This is one of the reasons why we are considered as the best among various Elementary Schools in Mississauga.

Junior: Growing Critical and Creative Thinkers

The prime aim of the junior Elementary Schools is to offer an all-round platform for individualized learning. We, at USCA Academy have researched and developed an efficient teaching platform where juniors will earn knowledge, develop skills, and become responsible. They will also learn self-regulation and will be able to manage their lives by following our guidance. They will learn to solve complex problems and will escalate their level of analytical skills by developing a better understanding of basic and advanced concepts.

We also provide an experiential learning platform where students will discover practical sessions in Science Labs, Drama Classes, etc. with proper gear and costumes!

Intermediate: Enriched Learning on Solid Ground

USCA Academy is preferred ideal among Elementary Schools in Mississauga by the parents for intermediate-level education. We focus on providing a brilliant learning environment where students can prepare for high school education. We enrich focus on making them independent in studying and solving problems with our experiential curriculum.

The foundation we develop in the earlier education phase will help them build a stronger base of knowledge and skills. They will further learn and strengthen their analytical skills. These skills will help them think rationally and to make connections with fellow students and teachers.

Our diversified intermediate program is recognized as a dynamic platform for students to find continuous development throughout the curriculum. Every parent/guardian will witness the difference once his/her candidate gets enrolled in our intermediate program.

Elementary Courses:


Our advanced French learning program comprises an inquiry-based and project-based curriculum that makes the learning process fruitful. Our refined techniques followed by experienced teachers will enhance the reading, writing, and speaking skills in French. We also focus on providing social experiences in this language. We go beyond the traditional foreign language program by creating and conducting the Advanced French Language Program to make a difference.


Visual Arts

We are known for our exclusive Visual Arts Program among the Mississauga elementary schools. Our nurturing environment lets the students experiment to find their hidden artistic skills. We incorporate different objects and items so that they can explore and make new things. It is our aim to provide a constructive platform where their messy ideas can get a better structure to express their emotions through visual arts.


We handpick experienced drama teachers to develop constructive acting skills in the interested students. Our students learn from the best mentors and perform live on different occasions in the school. We make them feel proud for their performance patronising them to learn these skills better. Our constant encouragement along with props, costumes, and various events help them gain confidence regarding public speaking. They also get to learn about famous musicians, artists, etc from different backgrounds as part of the curriculum. 


Every individual should learn to play a musical instrument. It helps in letting out emotions and showcasing hidden talents. USCA Academy provides a diverse platform where students will find a vivid collection of instruments and experienced mentors to learn how to play them. They will find classical, blues, jazz and contemporary music learning experiences. The elementary program also includes sessions to study Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, and other famous historic musicians.

Physical Education/Health

Physical and Health Education is an important part of all the programs conducted in the USCA Academy. Being one of the best Mississauga elementary schools, we ensure that our aspirants learn and understand the importance of health. Along with healthy minds, we provide an all-rounder environment for the physical development of the students. We ensure that our students stay physically and mentally active. We indulge in and conduct nature walks, incorporate different activities, outdoor games, yoga, and exercise regimes to imbibe happiness and make the curriculum stress-free. 


We have customized the English Language programs by introducing interactive elements such as digital storytelling, short stories with contemporary and historical topics, spoken word poetry, etc. into the curriculum to help develop reading and speaking skills. We have also introduced comic books and other methods of written language interactive mediums for engaging students. This enables students to develop various language skills for the future.


Mathematics is considered to be the basic subject that enables students’ logical thinking and critical analysis skills at a young age. Our specialized mathematics courses are designed as per the curriculum level to polish students from basic to advanced level. Mathematics increases problem-solving skills. Our programs help students learn numbers by relating to everyday objects and make the process overwhelmingly fun. This encourages students to complete their tasks, work on problems on their own, and become interdependent in this subject. They also learn graphical representation rather than writing simple answers for a better understanding of the concepts. 

 Social Studies/Geography/History

Our courses cover various sociological aspects, world issues, history, and geography as per the curriculum level of students. We conduct field trips, show educational videos, and perform historical projects to deliver a real-time experience of basic concepts. Students work on projects related to global issues to increase awareness and to gather knowledge. They present their work on such issues in the class and win accolades. They also learn how to take part in school exhibitions and to prepare exemplary presentations. 

Computers and Technology

Being one of the best Elementary Schools in Mississauga, USCA Academy is considered to be ideal for learning about contemporary technology! Students learn how to use computers and proceed to learn advanced concepts. They get accustomed to new technologies to become more tech-savvy. They learn how to use applications and software’s such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Office, and become more familiar with the keyboard commands.


Students participate in research work by choosing a domain of science-based on their interests. Regularly planned excursions in the museums, exhibitions, and presentations deliver exceptional scientific knowledge and applications. USCA Academy emphasizes sensory plays by providing a creative domain where they can make model planets, solar systems, and other scientific models.

How many elementary schools are in Mississauga?

Mississauga is home to 75 public elementary schools, two dedicated to French Immersion education: Corsair and Mineola.

How much does it cost to go to a private school in Mississauga?

There is a wide price variety for private and independent schools, from $15,000 for day programmes to $30,000 for boarding.

Which city in Ontario has the best elementary schools?

As of 2023, Kingston, in the province of Ontario, has surpassed Sherbrooke as the most desirable location for students in Canada.

Is Mississauga a good place for students?

Mississauga has everything an international student could want, including excellent amenities and a large and varied international student body. Mississauga is a wonderful place to explore, live, work, and play because of its rich history and cultural diversity.