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Our Programs:

  • Elementary
  • Primary: Grades 1-3
  • Junior: Grades 4-6
  • Intermediate: Grades 7-8

Our Elementary Program

The Elementary School division at USCA Academy encourages students to learn at their own pace and in their own personalized way. The focus at this stage is on nurturing curiosity and providing students with opportunities that instill a love of learning. We offer a stimulating program with elements of inquiry-based learning and project-based learning.

Our Curriculum ensures to cover all subjects including Language, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies/World Issues, History, Geography, French, Music, Health, and Physical Education. The program combines many different educational materials including textbooks, workbooks, educational videos, scholarly online journals, and more. We believe in incorporating technology in our classrooms but not losing the authenticity that only a textbook can provide.

There is a strong focus on critical and creative thinking skills, teaching students how to combat real-life problems with interesting solutions. As students grow, a stronger focus is put on developing an appropriate life-home balance, appropriate study habits, and an interest in extracurricular. The Arts are given a high level of importance at USCA Academy, as we believe that students should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively. We also place a strong emphasis on Physical Education, as a healthy body will ensure a healthy mind.

Primary: Encouraging natural curiosity and a love of learning

USCA Academy is the best private elementary school in Mississauga, as we understand that a child’s first real educational experience can affect how they view education in the future. Thus, our goal is to ensure that each child is recognized as an individual and is allowed to experiment with learning in a way that works for them.

Students in grades 1-3 at USCA Academy can expect to be taught problem-solving skills, independent study habits, and self-regulation. We put a strong focus on developing a student’s reading, writing, and mathematics skills, as these skills set the tone for developing deeper knowledge in the future.

Junior: Growing critical and creative thinkers

The Junior elementary school division at USCA Academy continues to focus on an individualized approach to learning, but a stronger emphasis is placed upon helping students develop responsibility, teaching them effective management skills, and self-regulation. Students are routinely given complex problems to solve throughout every course, challenging them to develop strong critical minds.

USCA Academy incorporates lab work for Science and planned dramatic plays with costumes for English and Drama. We believe that learning should be fun, challenging, and interesting.

Intermediate: Enriched learning on solid ground

The Intermediate elementary school division at USCA Academy is focused on preparing students for High school by enriching their learning experiences and focusing on independence. The solid ground that has been built for students in prior grades is now used to deepen their thinking skills, allowing them to make connections and think rationally.

The Intermediate program at USCA Academy is diversified, rich, and ever-changing to meet the needs of our students. Enroll your child today and see the difference this makes tomorrow!

Elementary Courses:


USCA Academy offers an advanced French learning program which is taught utilizing project-based and inquiry-based learning techniques. The goal of our Elementary program is to assist students in developing their French reading, writing, and oral skills. We believe in providing students with enriched social experiences in French, and we ensure our curriculum goes above and beyond the traditional curriculum by implementing the Advanced French Language Program.

Visual Arts

USCA Academy implements the best visual arts program available. We believe that children should be given opportunities to get messy, create with their hands, utilize items and objects around them, explore natural resources, and create a piece of art that truly shows their individuality.


USCA Academy ensures that students not only learn the necessities of appropriate acting techniques but we also provide specialist teachers who plan and execute school live performances for the students to showcase their newly learned acting or dancing skills. Teachers assist with costumes, props, and simple speeches. Students learn about famous musicians while developing their public speaking skills and confidence.


Music is just one way in which students can express their inner emotions and feelings. USCA Academy exposes children to different musical genres including classical, the blues, jazz, and new-age. Students learn about and study historical musical artists such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi.

Physical Education/Health

Health and Physical Education is one of the most important courses a student will ever take. We as are the Mississauga’s top elementary school understand the need for children to develop healthy bodies and healthy minds by staying active. Surrounded by beautiful nature, we ensure children take frequent nature walks. We also offer specialized programs such as yoga, and we incorporate games and activities into our outdoor programming. We teach our children about the importance of making healthy food choices, and we even dive into a bit of curriculum knowledge on recipes and cooking!


USCA Academy focuses on inquiry-based and project-based learning techniques. We introduce digital storytelling, spoken word poetry, short stories both historical and current, comic books, and many more pieces of written language into our curriculum. We believe in variety, exposing children to all the different types of language they will encounter in their lives.


Mathematics is an important part of a child’s every day. Thus, we believe that teaching children the skills they require to tackle all mathematics problems is essential. We desire for children to relate to numbers, viewing math as fun and interesting. We want to change how math is viewed by many, ensuring that students enjoy math class by having them complete tasks with their hands, building physical graphs, instead of simply writing down answers.


Social Studies/Geography/History

The Social Studies branch encompasses World Issues, Geography, and History. We ensure that children learn about the world around them through field trips, educational videos, historical projects, and more. Students will have the opportunity to choose global issues to research and learn about, creating diversified presentations of what they have learned and holding informative school exhibits.


Computers and Technology

Being the best elementary school in Mississauga, USCA Academy understands that we live in a technological era. We also understand the necessity to be tech-savvy. Thus, we ensure that computers and technology are an important part of learning. Children not only learn keyboard skills, but how to use various applications, creating documents utilizing Microsoft Office, and PowerPoint presentations.



Students are encouraged to research a particular area of science that is of interest to them. Through presentations, planned museum trips, and exhibits, students learn about the scientific world around them. USCA Academy’s elementary school curriculum encourages sensory play, and we provide students with the necessary materials to create planet models and more.