As we know, English is now one of the most common languages used to communicate around the world, so learning English can improve individuals’ learning and employment potential. USCA Academy’s ESL courses will aid students of all ages and abilities in improving their English communication, reading, and writing skills. An in-class assessment is given to all students at the beginning in order to be placed in the correct course level. The courses offered from beginner to advanced include: ESLAO, ESLBO, ESLCO, ESLDO, ESLEO.

The courses include many different materials and resources so that every individual learning style can be met, and success can be achieved. The small course sizes also ensure that every student can communicate with their instructor regarding any assistance needed with the course curriculum. Our instructors are certified and can properly break down major concepts so that students are able to successfully comprehend the different language rules. ESL courses like ours give students of all ages opportunities to learn and grow and create a successful future for themselves in Canada.

Partaking in an ESL program aids individuals who wish to live and work in an English-speaking country as once they have graduated from this program, they are presented with more opportunities for employment or higher salaries, due to the English-speaking component, which will benefit their lives and families. Also, younger students can continue their academic studies with developed critical and creative thinking skills, full understanding regarding the material they are learning and a higher eligibility for university studies.


  • Individuals can continue communicating with their native-speaking friends and family while also making connections with people who only connect in English
  • Makes academic content accessible to English learning students
  • Future employment opportunities for bilingual adults
  • Prepare students to engage with their communities
  • Individuals become more independent once they have completed the ESL course as they no longer need assistance from supports such as translators or special accommodations