University Preparation Program


International students are welcome to register at USCA Academy!

We invite you to be one of many students around the globe who plan to pursue their education in well reputed North American Universities. USCA Academy helps you to accomplish your dreams. Sign up and send your application today to begin your journey to a prestigious North American University.

Program introduction

If you are an international student and have already completed Grade 12 of your high school in your country but are not eligible to apply to Canadian Universities or Colleges, USCA Academy offers 1 year University Preparation Program which will help you complete all the pre-requisites of the university/college of your choice. USCA Academy has a good reputation among international students from around the world for its flexible, fast and focused University Pathway Program into Canada’s top universities.

Canadian Pre-University Program at USCA Academy is the one of the fastest routes that a student can enter to a top Canadian University in the world. USCA Academy is an inspected private school by the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada, and one of the best private schools in Ontario Canada with modern facilities.  

After successful completion of one year Canadian Pre-University Program, students will get guaranteed admission to program of a university of their choice: Accounting, Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Financial Studies, Social Science, and many more.


With four student intakes a year, University Preparation Program at USCA Academy allows you to start when it’s most convenient for you. Our math and English placement tests ensure you start at the right level. With our Prior Learning Assessment, you will get Ontario high school credits for your previous high school work that you have completed in your own country, no matter what educational system you studied in.


Our academic guidance counselors will assist our students to develop personalized study-plans for their whole academic journey at USCA Academy. The low average class size in our school allows you to get the attention you need and succeed in education journey. 

Enroll and Complete Canadian Pre-University Program

Students can enroll and complete the Canadian Pre-University Program within one year in Canada.


There are many major benefits for students if they choose the pre-university qualification:

  1. Best Quality Canadian Curriculum

This program is developed based on the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada and will exceed all curriculum expectations set out the Ministry of Education, Canada.

2. World recognized Qualification

Ontario Secondary School Diploma that student receive after the completion of CPU program, is a world recognized qualification and is the admission requirement for the most universities in the world.

3. Best teachers and Small class size

USCA Academy’s primary focus is student success. We have an excellent teaching faculty to educate our children. With a small class size, we provide highly personalized learning experience to our students. 

4. Save time

If students decide to enroll in CPU program just after their Grade 10 studies in their respective countries, they can cut down their wait time for the university admission.

5. Guaranteed University Admission

Completing the CPU program with OSSD will give students guaranteed admission to a Canadian university or university in any other country.

6. Guidance provided

Guidance councilors will work with students closely proving all assistance for them to build their education plan and career plan. USCA Academy will also provide university application assistance.

7. Semester structure 

CPU program is a semester based program that consists of four semesters. Student may have a flexibility in choosing their subjects in these semesters.

8. Continuous Assessment

Students will be assessed and evaluated based on the principals of assessment for learning, assessment as learning and assessment of learning. 70% of the grade will be from the assessments and evaluations through the semester and 30% of the grade will be from the final exam at the semester end. This would allow students build their confidence during the course and minimize any failure risk.

9. Use of Technology

Student will be able access their learning material through an online learning portal that give them 24×7 access for learning.

10. Opportunity work and migrate to Canada

Students after completion undergraduate studies may be able work up to three years and migrate to Canada

Top Five Reasons to Study in Canada

  1. Work and Migration Opportunity after graduation
  2. World Renowned Universities and qualifications
  3. High Quality Education at an affordable cost
  4. One of the best places in the world to work and live.
  5. Peaceful, politically stable and safe country