Looking for an English tutor in Mississauga for elementary school, middle school, or high school-University or College level English? Struggling with reading, speaking, writing or listening? WE CAN HELP

English can be a difficult subject to many students, whether it is deep understanding of reading materials, challenges of proper grammar, formal writing style, or simply speaking fluently. There are many skills to be gained and enhanced in English, and the challenge increases when English is not the student’s first language.

English is also a subject that requires higher level thinking in upper years in order to completely understand and apply certain concepts. Students cannot simply just memorize the concepts but rather learn how to apply and analyze in real-world scenarios. As the level of difficulty increases, understanding concepts and literature becomes harder and analyzing content requires more time and in-depth investigation.

Many students face difficulties due to common misconceptions and misunderstandings and not being able to fully understand and grasp information. It is completely normal to need extra assistance in certain topics, as English courses tend to advance quickly in level and pace. Therefore, not allowing the student to fully grasp all the material when they do not receive the attention and guidance they need. There are also endless amounts of possible information to learn which can be difficult to fully grasp without the right guidance. 

Our school is made up of highly qualified tutors with exceptional educational backgrounds and experience. We can help your child receive the support they need to achieve their academic goals and dreams. We accommodate for all needs and levels and ensure our students receive the quality education they deserve. 

Doing poorly in your English courses especially if it is not your first language can be disappointing, frustrating, and a confidence killer. Ensure you or your child receive the best marks possible by getting the help you need and deserve. 

Our English Tutor in Mississauga are resourceful, patient and very passionate about English, providing only the best of help to your child. They are highly experienced and can assess your child’s educational level in order to better assist them in their learning. 


English Tutor in Mississauga

  • Elementary School Students (Kindergarten to Grade 5)
  • Middle School Students (Grade 6 to 8)
  • High School Science Students (Grades 9 to 12)
    • Academic courses including Academic Grade 9 & 10 English
    • Applied courses including Academic Grade 9 & 10 English
    • University and College/University level English Courses
    • Both public and private school students


Our one on one approach allows your child to receive the attention and care they need in order to improve and reach their full potential in English courses. 

Many public and other private schools have large class sizes which does not allow your child to receive the attention and help they need in order to excel. They may be struggling with certain concepts and it is difficult for teachers with large classes to be able to identify students who require more help in certain areas.  

With our one on one approach, your child will be able to get quality help they deserve to get the best results possible. This direct teaching method allows for better communication with your child and our tutors in order to fully assess what concepts they need more attention in. Thus, allowing them to progress steadily in their classes and not fall behind when they do not understand reoccurring concepts that are needed for other units of the course. 

Individual tutoring is the best approach to faster and more effective results, proficient learning, and remarkable improvement of skills and grades. Our success rate for students who have signed up for this learning approach is incredibly high and consistent. 

With our 1:1 approach, we can:

    • Evaluate the student’s level accurately 
    • Deeply examine and focus on aiding the student with the topics they find challenging
    • Closely follow the progress of the student 
    • Devise the best learning method possible in order to meet your child’s needs 
    • Faster action to meet objectives in the shortest time possible 
    • Provide personalized and subjective support shaped by the need of the student 
    • Allows oral practice for speaking out loud


We also provide group tutoring upon request! 

Group tutoring involves small classroom sizes in which students can feel comfortable to interact with other students while still receiving one on one help from our tutors. This type of tutoring allows your child to receive the social aspect of learning required for them to be successful and competitive in the professional world. 

Jobs in the industry require you or your child to be able to socialize and get along with all kinds of people. Being in the presence of other students can also help you or your child get the social experience needed to do progress well in the industry. 

Group tutoring session look to keep class sizes to a minimum so you or your child can still receive a personal learning approach as well. 

With our group study approach, we can:

  • Evaluate the student’s level accurately 
  • Examine and focus on helping the student with challenging topics
  • Closely follow the progress of the student 
  • Allow students to socialize while staying in the topic of English, similar to a public classroom study but with far less students 
  • Devise the best learning method possible in order to meet your child’s needs 
  • Provide personalized and subjective support shaped by the need of the student 


If you or your child are looking for exceptional English tutoring in Mississauga, USCA Academy is the best school for you. We provide quality education and tutoring to students of all different needs and educational levels and do our best to ensure they receive the attention and care they deserve. We offer a large range of English tutoring, including elementary level to high school novel studies and Shakespearian studies.


For students who are looking to get a head start on their courses, we include advanced placement of level or fast-tracking in order to learn the next year’s material before the school year starts. 

This allows students to be better prepared for upcoming years and will allow their understanding of the Ontario Curriculum’s English courses to already be familiar and understood.  

This ensures all concepts in their upcoming school year will be learnt and understood well in advance so that no difficult concepts come as a surprise or shock to them. 

Some children also progress very quickly and require the stimulation given from being placed in an advanced class. This can help them learn quicker and be successful in the upcoming school year.