Are you preparing your applications for undergraduate admissions? Then it’s important to understand the application procedures. In Ontario, there are two centralized application services: the OUAC and the OCAS. First-time applicants often confuse the two. Fortunately, this guide has everything you need to know about the OUAC and the OCAS. Find out more below:

The Ontario Universities’ Application Center or OUAC

  • The OUAC processes admission applications for the following programs at Ontario universities: undergraduate, law, medical, rehabilitation sciences, and teacher education.
  • Students can apply for this service if:
    • They are under 21 years old and taking courses at a high school in Ontario.
    • They are applying for the first year of a diploma or an undergraduate degree program at an Ontario university.
    • They have not been out of high school for more than seven months.
    • They are expected to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) at the end of the school year.
    • They have not attended any college, university, or career college.
  • Students can apply to Ontario universities using the OUAC website. Before proceeding with the application steps, students need to create an account for OUAC login.
  • After OUAC login, high school students must complete all the sections of their application, review their program selections, and submit their application before the deadline.
  • Students must keep their OUAC account information, password, and reference number in a safe place.

The Ontario College Application Service or OCAS

  1. OCAS Canada processes admission applications for Ontario colleges.
  2. Compared to university degrees, college programs are more flexible, economical, and supportive, which is why some students might prefer applying through OCAS Canada.
  3. Different colleges have different requirements for admission. Students are encouraged to visit their chosen school’s website to learn more. However, most colleges require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or any equivalent.
  4. Students can apply to Graduate Certificate programs as long as they have the following: a prior college or university certificate, diploma, or degree.
  5. Students can easily apply through the OCAS Canada

Take note that both the services do not have any jurisdiction over admission decisions. They are simply centralized processing centers to make the admissions procedure more convenient.