How Do OUAC Programs Ease the Application Process for University Courses?

Ontario Universities Application Centre, or OUAC, is an integrated and accessible platform for students to apply to study at a university in Ontario. OUAC programs are designed to handle the vast and complex application process. At the same time, the universities make the final decision on offering admission to a student after OUAC sends the application to the right place.

OUAC, being a part of the Council of Ontario Universities, plays a crucial role in streamlining thousands of applications sent to various universities in Ontario. But it has nothing to do with the selection process, which is entirely an internal consideration for the university administrations.

But, if you are a student, OUAC helps you apply for more than one course in prestigious universities in Ontario easily, and you can track the application status using the OUAC reference number.

How does OUAC Work?

Canada is a country where numerous students across the world seek university admission. The universities provide diversified courses suitable for a student’s brilliant career. So, there is always a high demand for courses in those universities. Ontario is one of the most preferred Canadian provinces for students to be admitted to a university and pursue higher studies in their subjects of interest.

First of all, the student has to determine what kind of application he will submit. Then he needs to fill out the application with his personal and contact details. The details should include: –

  • High school details
  • Courses taken
  • GPA
  • Intended major in college
  • Supporting documents, as required by the university

One student can apply for a maximum of three courses at a time, and the deadline depends on the courses for which he applies.

Who Can Use OUAC?

Students eligible for applying in OUAC 105 must be: –

  • Living in Canada as a permanent resident/ migrant/ Canadian citizen
  • Studying in Canada with a visa/ study permit
  • Canadian nationals who don’t live in the country or study in a Canadian school can also apply to Ontario universities using OUAC 105.

OUAC Application Process

OUAC programs involve a step-by-step process. First, the applicants should conduct thorough research on the courses offered by the universities in Ontario. Once they know every course, they must decide which they would apply for. Then, they need to create an OUAC account and choose the colleges and programs to send their applications.

After the choices are sent, they need to review and finish them. The chosen program requires certain documents from you, which you have to provide with your personal details, high school transcript and academic information.

Besides, some programs require personal statements, the Common App activities session or additional college essays. Those activities show a candidate’s extracurricular activities, hobbies, passions and interests outside formal education. Sharing personal information is required for them to know you well, and college essays demonstrate to the admission committees how good you are as a writer.

However, checking all the requirements and regulations in detail is essential before applying through OUAC. You should know properly about the programs run by different universities. Also, being aware of the eligibility criteria, deadlines of the programs you wish to apply for, and the admission requirements is vital.

The OUAC website provides all the relevant information regarding the 105-application process.

After checking all the details, the applicant should log in using credentials and submit the documents and the fees. Once the application is verified and sent to the concerned authorities, the student will get a code number. He must not forget to ensure that he receives every update regarding the application via email.

The official website for OUAC programs is


The students willing to apply for admission to an Ontario university through OUAC must fulfil specific criteria. Those are the following: –

  • Pursuing a high school course in an Ontario school during the day. Graduates returning from another course or students going to pursue the 2nd are also included.
  • The high school education must not contain discontinuation of over seven months at any time.
  • Receiving OSSD with six 4U/M courses by the current year.
  • The applicant must not have already enrolled himself in a course in any college, university or post-secondary institute.
  • The age of the candidate must be below 21.
  • The application is targeted only at an undergraduate degree or diploma program in an Ontario university.

Final Words:

Finally, an OUAC program is a mandatory step toward pursuing your dream course at the University of Ontario, and OUAC makes your admission hassle-free.

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