Is OUAC only for Ontario?

Yes, the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) is primarily focused on facilitating the application process for universities in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is responsible for processing applications to most undergraduate programs at Ontario’s publicly funded universities.

The OUAC offers several application services:

  1. OUAC 101: This service is for high school students applying to their first year of undergraduate studies at Ontario universities. It includes programs such as bachelor’s degrees, concurrent education, and other direct-entry programs.
  2. OUAC 105: This service is for applicants who are not currently in high school and are applying to undergraduate programs at Ontario universities. It includes applicants from other provinces, mature students, and international applicants.
  3. OUAC 105 D: This service is for students applying to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at the University of Ottawa.

While the OUAC is specifically associated with Ontario universities, other provinces in Canada have their own application systems for their respective universities. For example:

  • British Columbia: The British Columbia Universities’ Application System (BCUAS) is used for applying to universities in British Columbia.
  • Alberta: ApplyAlberta is the common application system for undergraduate programs at Alberta’s post-secondary institutions.
  • Quebec: Quebec has a unique application process due to its distinct education system. Students interested in studying in Quebec often apply directly to individual universities.
  • Other Provinces: Each province may have its own application system or specific application procedures. It’s important to research the application process for the province where you intend to study.

Keep in mind that while some provinces have centralized application systems, others might require applicants to apply directly to individual universities. Always check the specific requirements and procedures of the universities and provinces you’re interested in to ensure you follow the correct application process.

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