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OUAC: To apply to all of the colleges and universities of Ontario, you must use the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). If you’re interested in full-time study at Western, you’ll use OUAC to apply and provide us with the necessary paperwork.

How to fill out an application

For each sort of applicant, the application process is unique.

101 applicant

Creating a profile

Create an OUAC 101 account to get started. You will require an access code or PIN from your guidance adviser or school. This should arrive in your mailbox somewhere in the third or fourth week of October or November.

When you sign up for an OUAC account, you will receive an email from the university to validate your email. You must complete this step before submitting your application.

Tips for using the application

Each part of the 101 Application Guide provides an excellent summary of everything you need to complete.

Some points you must know about:

  • Don’t use your email if you’re using a school email or someone else’s email.
  • Use your mobile phone number (we may text you)
  • You must include every course you’ve taken or will take at every high school or university you’ve already attended before you begin your studies at Western.
  • For students returning to high school after finishing college or university coursework, we’ll need to see certified transcripts when they apply.
  • Don’t apply to the same faculty or program (same OUAC code) more than once when adding programs.
  • Your grades will be sent to us by OUAC. You’ll have to double-check that your school has submitted all of your courses and degrees appropriately (including those you have scheduled for the future).
  • You must also upload any courses you take outside of your regular day school to OUAC.
  • You must ensure that any non-day school courses you take are approved and accredited by the Ministry of Education.

105 Applicant

You must first create an account

Create an OUAC 105 account to get things started. Please check your email to ensure that you are the one who submitted the registration form. You must do this before you can submit your application.

Tips for using

The 105 Application Guide gives you a good idea of what each application element entails.

Some points you should be aware of:

  • Do not use someone else’s email address or your school’s email.
  • Make use of your phone number (we may text you)
  • If you’re now enrolled in, have previously attended, or plan to enroll in any secondary school or university before starting at Western, you must list every subject you’ve taken.
  • If you’re returning to high school after finishing college or university coursework, we’ll need to see certified transcripts when you apply.
  • Make sure that you don’t apply to the same professor or program more than once! (with the same OUAC code).
  • You’ll be able to submit your grades and other papers via the Student Center after you’ve applied.

When To Apply

When you want to begin your studies, you can apply to OUAC in October of the year before.

Students in the Western region begin the academic year in the fall semester (September). Undergraduate programs are not accepting applications for Winter (January) admission. There is a choice for students who are not applying from high school to start in the Summer (May).

We urge that you apply early to have the best chance of getting into college. Depending on the type of applicant you are, you will have different application deadlines.

  • 101 Applicants submit their applications before February 1, 2022.
  • 105 Applicants must submit their applications by March 1, 2022.

Applicants who meet this deadline are guaranteed admission consideration. Even if you submit your application after the deadline, we cannot promise that it will be given equal weight.


101 Applicant

  • $150.00 (CAD) for a total of three programs
  • Each additional choice will cost you $50.00 (CAD).
  • There is a $10.00 fee for non-Canadian citizens and permanent residents (CAD).

105 Applicant

  • It costs $156.00 (CAD) for three programme options.
  • Each additional selection costs $50.00 (CAD).
  • There is a $10.00 fee for non-Canadian citizens and permanent residents (CAD).
  • $93.50 (CAD) for an additional evaluation.
  • Extra costs for additional transcripts or documents.

Confirmation through email

You’ll find a unique OUAC Reference Number (10 digits long, beginning with the year, YYYY-NNNNNN).

It is then forwarded overnight by OUAC to Western. After completing your application, you should receive a response from us within a week with confirmation of our receipt (it may take us a bit longer around the holidays).

Changing the details of an application

On our end, we can’t make any alterations to your application whatsoever. You must log in to OUAC to change your personal information, program options, and contact details.

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