What should you know about the OUAC guidance program?

Ontario Universities Application Center or OUAC is mainly a not-for-profit centralized platform where students can apply while searching to enter into universities located in Ontario. Each university establishes its own admission decisions, and OUAC guidance offers processing services for these applications.

The candidates fill out their application forms on the OUAC, after which they get transferred to their respective universities. After the application is received, the OUAC reference number is sent to the applicant they are using to reach out to the universities of Ontario.

OUAC is considered a division of the COU or the Council of Ontario Universities, facilitating the process of applying to Ontario universities. OUAC does not take any responsibility for making decisions regarding the candidate’s admission, which is the responsibility of these institutions.

Who are eligible to apply at OUAC?

Some candidates who are recently living in Canada, especially permanent residents, Canadian citizens, as well as migrants, or the ones who are recently studying in Canada under proper OUAC guidance on visa or study permits, are eligible to apply. Even citizens outside Canada, the permanent residents not attending the Ontario high school day program, are eligible to apply.

Canadian citizens, along with permanent residents who have recently lived outside Canada or have not attended the high school day program in Ontario or abroad, are also eligible.

Factors to remember before filling out an application

  • Always perform thorough research of your own before picking any program
  • Always go through the proper guidance program of OUAC with the details of the applications across every university
  • Ensure that each piece of information you have entered in the application form is right. Submit the way it is and pay the fees for the application.
  • Remember the university application submission deadlines and submit your profiles, transcripts, etc.
  • Keep your username, reference number, and password handy and secured.
  • Ensure that all your details are updated in this application

Application through OUAC

The candidates can start applying to several universities the way they want, but they should start applying to more than three programs by the distinctive universities or their affiliates. Additionally, the universities have their right to limitations with the number of programs each candidate applies to. These candidates apply through the OUAC, but the deadline for this university is decided through the university, and these deadlines for the applications get decided specifically through the universities. The candidates should start to adhere to the school deadlines they are applying to.

Generally, the universities would reply to the candidate in two to three weeks. Still, in cases where the candidate does not get any communication from the end of the university, even after a couple of weeks, they can get in touch directly with the university and take an update on their application. You can refer to the official OUAC website with the reference number and the right documents.

After analyzing your application, the universities will contact you directly regarding their final decision. If the university offers you admission, you will receive the necessary steps for responding through these applications.


Students who arrive from international locations to study in Canada must obtain a study permit before the country admits them, for which they need proper OUAC guidance. Therefore, before you start applying for it, they should contact an immigration official at the Canadian embassy, which is there in your country. You need to show proof that you have been admitted to a program to study in Canada.

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