What Makes Us the Best Private School in Toronto?

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As a parent who’s concerned about their child’s educational journey, it’s important to be discerning and choose only the best private schools in Toronto. Sending your kids to one of the leading Canadian private schools for international and local students means helping them achieve their educational goals. You can’t go wrong with USCA Academy. Here’s why we’re one of the best private schools in Toronto:

Supporting every student’s academic journey

USCA Academy is a private school in Mississauga Ontario that is committed to supporting students in accomplishing their educational objectives while helping them grow as responsible and successful individuals. To ensure the highest-quality education, we hire only highly experienced and certified teachers who are subject area experts. Academic guidance counsellors are also available all the time to help students create and follow a personalised study plan!

Programs for every learner

USCA Academy offers a range of full-time and part-time programs. For instance, there is a university preparation program for Grade 12 students. Part-time students are also welcomed to go to night school or sign up for after-school assistance. High school students can acquire their Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program (Grades 9 to 12) from USCA Academy, too. Intake of students is flexible at up to five times per academic year, so your child can start school whenever it’s convenient.

High university acceptance rate

Our private school in Mississauga Ontario will prepare your child for success in university or college. This increases their chance of getting accepted into any top Canadian university and other well-known colleges in the world. That’s because we follow the Ontario curriculum, which is known as the best quality Canadian curriculum around. The program is based on the standards of the Ontario Ministry of Education and exceeds all expectations set by the Ministry!

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