Reasons Why International Schools Are Worth It

International schools are getting more and more popular around the world. They give a unique view of global education, which is essential for kids who will one day have jobs or lives that take them all over the world. Your child can get many benefits from international schools that they can’t get from public schools.

“The real advantages of attending an international school?” parents often ask. If your family is considering attending an international school, here is a complete list of the best reasons it might be a good idea.

Understanding and appreciation of diverse cultural traditions

A child can learn much about the world outside of their city by interacting with people from different cultures and getting to know their differences. With a curriculum like the one we have at Excelsior American School, which includes International Baccalaureate, IGSCE, Cambridge International Examinations, and Montessori methods, students get a broad view of the world and learn about many different cultures. Also, there are students from many different countries. They bring their own cultures to the school and mix with the local students to learn about each other. Even the celebrated festivals come from all over the world and aren’t just limited to the home country’s holidays.

Encouraged to become self-motivated and self-driven

Students at International schools are taught to think about the world as a whole and to think critically instead of just memorizing facts. Students learn on their own by using methods in the classroom, like Montessori and hands-on labs when they are young. This is done so that their learning doesn’t stop when they leave school but continues for the rest of their lives.

Individualized attention in classes

The number of students per teacher is set up to allow teachers to give each child the attention they need. Most of the time, it’s around 10:1. This helps each student learn the ideas of each subject in a way that fits their learning style. When students spend more time with their teachers, they are more likely to feel confident, learn the basics well, and go beyond what they have learned in the classroom.

Plenty to do in one’s spare time

Focusing on extracurricular activities is one of the main ways that international schools try to foster and grow a child’s creativity and imagination. Students can join different clubs and competitions based on their interests. These can be anything from math and robotics to sports, creativity labs, and games that use your imagination. This not only helps them find their hidden talents and gain confidence, but it also makes them more focused and gives them more drive.

It’s better to go to college in another country

When you go to an international school, you meet people from all over the world. Studies have shown that students from international schools have a lot less trouble getting into college or university abroad. The qualifying grading system is easy to understand and use, giving them more chances to apply for jobs and scholarships.


Choosing between a private school, a public school, or an international school can be complex and sometimes overwhelming. Still, the benefits make it worth it and rewarding in the end. So don’t be afraid to choose one of the best international schools; it will be worth it!

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