Why to Opt for the Best International School Toronto?

International School: There are many institutions in Toronto which provides education to local and international students alike. The school helps the students to achieve their education goals in the best possible manner. The institution provides the local & international students with quality education by teachers who are certified and highly experienced in their own specific subjects.

The institution greets international students from every background to come and learn in their school. The students can choose which program they want to get enrolled for, they can join the Elementary School Program, which is from Grade 1 to Grade 8, and then they can enrol themselves for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program which is from Grade 9 to Grade 11 & finally the University Preparation Program for Grade 12.


The International School in Toronto not only helps the students to achieve their academic goals, but they also help the students to acquire practical skills that is going to help them in their upcoming careers. In the school the students can develop skills like social skills, organizational skills, interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills, time-management skills & self-confidence skills that are going to help them in the future.

The following are the features that the school possesses so that they can give quality education to the students.

One- High Acceptance Rate of Universities: After the completion of their respected courses at the high school, the students are eligible to enter or apply in the top Canadian Universities in the world. The institution is a proper inspected private institution by the Ministry of Education Ontario. The students can take admission in University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Queens University and many other to pursue their higher education.

Two- Unmatched Curriculum: The institution follows the Ontario Curriculum which is an unmatched quality Canadian curriculum. The curriculum that is followed in the school is made in accordance with the Ministry of Education Ontario.

Three- Proper Assistance: The academic counsellors of the school help in assisting the students to develop a proper personal study plan for their entire academic journey at the institution. The Guidance experts in the school work with the students so that they can follow and establish their education plan. The school also helps the students to apply for the universities.

Four- Adjustable Intake&Credit Transfer: the institution has five student intake semesters in a particular year, the students can get admission in the school in the September session, November session, February session, April session & July session. The academy allows the student to start when it is convenient for them. Their English and Maths placement test makes sure that the student starts at the correct level. The students can also get Toronto high school credits with prior learning assessment. Whatever credits the students have earned in their own country will also be considered at the time of application into the school.

Five- Proper Student to Teacher Ratio: in each class there are five to fifteen students. This low-class size in the institution is going to help the students to get the proper attention so that they can be successful in their educational journey.

Six- Proper Location: the school is in the heart of Greater Toronto Area, Canada. The prime location of the institution helps the students to get access to all the public transport routes and the major tourist locations of the places in the region.

Seven- Private School with Full Registration & Accreditation: the academy has proper registration & accreditation from the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training. In Toronto there are many private schools that operate like individual businesses or non-profit organizations which follow the legal terms and conditions that are mentioned in the Education Act.

Why Choose an International School?

The curriculum of the school is very similar to other schools when it comes to the question of education. So, the main aim of international schools is to build global citizens who are capable to meet the international standards in any country. For example, we can look at the student body of the school which is made up of students from all nationalities & not only of students who have a Canadian background.

The schools always follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which is accepted globally. The IB diploma is a set standard for all international schools& the same goes for Toronto as well. There are some schools that provide the American High School diploma as many parents choose that option as well.

Final Words:

Thus, from the above discussion it can be seen that the international schools in Toronto offer more than just international curriculum to the students. It also helps to build the students character & self-esteem, so that the students become competitive individuals and smart for the life ahead. So, you should choose the best school for your children’s education.

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