OUAC: The Easy and Convenient Way for An Undergraduate Course in Ontario

Ontario homes some of the leading schools in Canada. The highly competitive university programs with different acceptance rates offer a channel for applying to various programs across several universities. The process is challenging, so you should know every detail about OUAC.

A Quick Overview

OUAC means Ontario Universities Application Centre. Simply, it’s a common platform to apply for admission to a post-secondary school in Ontario. But the whole process, though non-profit, involves certain rules and terms.

  • Both domestic and international students can apply
  • All public universities in Ontario use this system to receive students’ applications, no matter which program they are applying for or their status
  •  High school students can apply for post-secondary programs
  • The programs include general undergraduate courses, law, medical, rehabilitation science, teaching education, and other programs
  • You have to apply one single time, even if applying for more than one school
  • You can apply for up to three universities or combined programs at different institutions
  • There are additional fees involved for greater selections
  • The base fee is $150 CDN
  • The additional charges for greater program selections maybe $50
  • International students have to pay an extra $10
  • Students will be guided appropriately on all the things useful for the application, depending on their choices of programs
  •  You will get to know the specific requirements of the university you are applying for
  • The process is easy and entirely online through the website.

The reason for choosing OUAC to apply to Ontario universities, above all, is that it offers a detailed list of colleges and their courses and relevant information on what you should do to get admitted to your preferred educational institution. Here are the requirements for applying to the Ontario Universities Application Centre, explained in detail.

  1. A high school course degree from any Ontario school is required. Graduates willing to return for another course and students thinking of pursuing the 2nd are included in this category.
  2. High school education should not involve discontinuation of over seven months.
  3. The student must possess an OSSD or Ontario Secondary School Diploma with six 4U/M courses in the current year.
  4. If you have already enrolled in a post-secondary college or University or attended a class there, you are not eligible.
  5. The age bar is below 21 years.
  6. The students can only apply for admission in undergraduate programs, be it a diploma or degree, through this application centre. The centre doesn’t have a say or impact on the admission. It can only send the application to different Ontario universities on behalf of a student. The universities have their acceptance rates, and they enroll students on that basis.

For example, the acceptance rate at the University of Toronto is 43%, whereas the University of Waterloo keeps its acceptance rate at 53%.

The application process in Ontario universities for undergraduate programs becomes highly competitive because of the large number of international students aiming for it. Therefore, you should go through the centralized platform facilitating a convenient application procedure for both the applicants and the universities. 

There are twenty-one universities in Ontario, and over half a million candidates aspire to get an undergraduate degree or diploma in those elegant institutions. The admission process is, therefore, complex. The common application centre makes it easier. The dedicated website for Ontario Universities Application Centre meets all the requirements of the students regarding post-secondary admissions.

You are just four steps away from fulfilling your dream of getting admitted to an Ontario university. Have a look at four steps required to get the job done:

Research to gather data

You must research and find the publications and notices of the universities you are aiming for. Get all the details of their course and choose your desired one.


Go to the official website, and sign in with a username and password. Go to the applications section, and check every detail thoroughly. Pay the fees and fill out the form within the deadline. Save the reference number for your application carefully.


As the website sends your application to the right place, the university will contact you via e-mail if they select you for the next round. You can change things related to your application on the website. Don’t forget to ensure you receive each email from the website.

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