OUAC Makes Life Easy For Aspirants of Ontario University to Apply To Multiple Streams

The term OUAC refers to Ontario University Application Centre. It is a centralised platform for undergraduate application in any of the Ontario Universities. The students need to open an account on www.ouac.on.ca. The students must ensure that they are fulfilling all the requirements set by the OUAC authority for creating an account successfully.

The deadline of the application depends on the undergraduate course that the student is interested in and whether they are currently pursuing a high school education. The OUAC is a common platform for all the students who are seeking admission in undergraduate courses in the universities that are situated in Ontario.

Requirements for OUAC:

There are some basic requirements for the OUAC process. If the applicant qualifies for all the requirements, then they are eligible for the enrolment process on the website. The requirements are as follows:

One- you must be pursuing any of the high school courses in an Ontario school during the day. This category includes graduates returning for another course and students who are about to pursue the 2nd.

Two- there should be no discontinuation of more than 7 months at any point during their high school education.

Three- you will receive or have received your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with six 4U/M courses by the end of the current year.

Four- the students must not have enrolled or attended any post-secondary institution (Career College/ university/ college).

Five- the student should be below 21 years old.

Six- the student should have decided to apply for any undergraduate diploma or degree program at any of the Ontario Universities. The students should also note that OUAC does not have the right to make any decisions related to admission to the universities. It totally depends on the university authorities.

How to Apply Using the OUAC Website:

The following steps need to be followed by the students or applicants at the time creating an account on the OUAC website.

Step 1- Do your research and select a university:

The students need to visit the official websites of the universities that they are interested in and check the following aspects: A) Search & check university publications and notices. B) Browse the programs conducted in different universities. C) Use the OUAC codes to record the respective programs you are interested in. D) Note down the eligibility criteria, admission requirements & specific deadlines for all the programs of your choice.

Step 2- Application: The students or applicants first need to create an OUAC account. If they have one account already, then they must make sure to note down the username and password safely. The username and password is going to be required to check the status of your applications and other information’s in the future.

Next the applicants need to proceed to the application section. The student or applicant must properly read and complete every section of the application page. After completing the application process the applicants must review and check the programs that they want to apply before clicking the option “I Verify and Agree” to submit.

Once verified, the students and applicants need to submit the application along with the fee before the application deadline of the programs you have applied for ends. An OUAC Reference Number will be generated. Note it down and keep it safe. It is going to be required when you contact OUAC regarding your university choices.

Step 3- Post Application: Once the application is submitted, log into your account to verify the 105 Application. You can make necessary changes if required. Ensure spam filters are on so that you do not miss to accept the emails from OUAC and the respective universities mentioned in the application. Remember the application progress will be intimated by the authorities of OUAC and universities via emails only.

Thus, it can be concluded from the above points that the OUAC process helps the students to choose and apply for their desired courses and programs in their desired colleges all over Mississauga, Ontario. The OUAC website is very easy to access & all the above-mentioned steps are very simple to follow and complete. Once all the steps are completed by the applicants and the students they are ready to get admission in colleges.

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