Credit Course Mississauga – Pursue Higher Education with MCV4U Calculus and Vectors

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You may be asking: How many credits do I need to graduate in high school in Ontario? Whether or not you are planning to pursue post-secondary education, this is an important question to answer if you want to get an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). It will help you plan for your future.  

Compared to other provinces in the country, Ontario has a lower credit course requirement. In some states, students have to complete 100 or 80 credits. Here, you are only required to complete a minimum of 30 credits.  

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Education in Ontario has set 18 compulsory credits in various subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, and Arts. The remaining 12 credits are optional—meaning, you are free to select from a range of credit courses in Mississauga offered by your school. Besides the credit courses, you also need to complete 40 hours of community service or volunteer work and pass OSSLT to graduate from high school.  

Many students have a hard time picking optional credit courses in Mississauga, especially those who are planning to pursue higher education. The best way to choose is to consider the college degree you are aiming for. If you want to major in math, science, or a related discipline, then take MCV4U Calculus and Vectors as a university preparation course.  

MCV4U is a course for grade 12 students who have already taken Advanced Functions. It will build upon your previous knowledge and understanding of rates of change. It will tackle important financial concepts and topics that give you a brief overview of the senior-level business subjects and engineering subjects in college. It will discuss and build skills that you need to ace entrance exams and transition to university successfully.  

While this course is intended for those who are planning to take accounting and engineering programs, it is also suitable for those who are still exploring their options. The whole course lasts around 110 hours in total.


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