Know More About the Compulsory Courses We Offer

Like any other education system, Ontario requires you to complete a set of courses before graduating. Compulsory courses in Ontario high schools make you eligible to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a requirement when applying for universities worldwide!

As a student, you must earn credits in the following compulsory courses in an Ontario high school:

  • A total of 18 compulsory credits in:
    • English (4)
    • Mathematics (3)
    • Science (2)
    • French or a substituted language (1)
    • Canadian History (1)
    • Canadian Geography (1)
    • The Arts (1)
    • Health and Physical Education (1)
    • Additional credits in English, Social Sciences, Humanities, Canadian or World Studies, or International Languages (1)
    • Additional credits in Health and Physical Education, the Arts, or Business Studies (1)
    • Additional credits in Grade 11 or 12 Science or Technological Education
    • Career Studies (0.5)
    • Civics (0.5)
  • A total of 12 optional credits as offered by your school
  • A passing grade in the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)
  • A minimum of 40 completed hours in community involvement activities

The number of credits may seem a lot to take in at first; however, as you progress, you will naturally finish most of the compulsory courses in Ontario high schools. But what do you do if you fail to earn the necessary credits for a subject?

In this case, you can apply for USCA Academy’s OSSD program. This unique offering allows students from across the world to pursue further studies in the USA or Canada, regardless of your high school education in your home country!

You can apply for the OSSD diploma program if you are a middle school graduate or currently in Grades 9 to 12or pursuing the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Once completed, the credits you’ve earned can be transferredfor your OSSD eligibility!

We will also assign you an Academic Guidance Counsellor to assist for the duration of the program, helping you tailor your study plan according to your needs.



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