Best Private School in Toronto with Affordable Fee Structure

When it comes to schools, parents want only the best for their children. Most of them opt to send their kids to private schools in Mississauga, Ontario. These schools offer academic programmes that are rigorous and enriching. They provide the necessary support to help kids learn effectively and discover their pathways! 

The problem with most private schools in Mississauga, Ontario is that they tend to be expensive. And like may parents, you are probably wondering if it’s possible to send your kids to a competent private school without spending a fortune. The answer is yes, it is. Schools like USCA Academy offers private education with an affordable fee structure. 

Here’s how your children can apply to this affordable private school:

  1. Provide the necessary documents and pay for the application fee.

The application fee is $200 in USCA Academy. To start processing your application, you must prepare the following documents: 

  • Photocopy of photo ID or passport 
  • Transcript of records from the last three years (must include English translation and school seal.)
  • Original IELTS/TOEFL test report (optional) 
  1. Wait for the conditional offer from the school.

The fee structure per level is different. You need to wait for the conditional offer to know how much the total school fees will be. It will be given to you after you complete all the admission requirements. The fee structure includes payment for laboratories, facilities, educational trips, materials, and miscellaneous. 

  1. Pay the tuition fee.

After paying the tuition fee, your children will receive the Official Letter of Acceptance. Aside from this, you will also receive guardian documents.

USCA Academy is one of the best private schools in Toronto not only because of its affordable fees. They are also commended for their programmes. If you are looking for a night school, summer school, university preparation programme, OSSD, as well as a tuition centre, you should definitely consider this school!

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