Know More About Our International School

Finding schools in Canada for international students is quite easy. Just look them up on the internet and you will get hundreds of recommendations. But if you are particularly looking for an international school in Mississauga, then you should consider USCA Academy. It is fully registered and accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training. It welcomes students from elementary, high school, up to secondary high school students. As one of the leading international schools in Ontario, USCA Academy provides:

A world-class curriculum 

The academy uses the Ontario Curriculum, which is considered the best Canadian curriculum not only in the country but also across the world. It exceeds the curriculum expectations of the Ministry of Education here and abroad. The Ontario Curriculum provides specific knowledge requirements and competencies per level. Nevertheless, teaching methodologies or delivery techniques are flexible and can be tailored according to the learning styles of students! 

Personalised learning 

Every student has their own goals and their own talents that they want to hone or skills that they want to acquire. That’s why there should be no one-size-fits-all approach in education. At USCA Academy, guidance counsellors help students make a personalized learning plan according to their pathways or goals. They work closely to build the right educational plan. 

Safe and accessible accommodation

This international school in Mississauga offers different kinds of accommodation to suit all budgets and living preferences. Students have the option to live in their home-stays, dormitories, and off-campus houses. All these residences are furnished, providing a comfortable learning and living environment. 

A comprehensive university preparation programme 

International students who are aiming to get into the top universities are also welcome to attend USCA’s Canadian Pre-University Programme. It is particularly designed for those who have finished grade 12 in another country and seeking eligibility to apply to Canadian colleges and universities. The programme lasts a year which will be enough to complete all the prerequisites of universities. 

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