A Guide to Apply for OUAC Programs in Universities

OUAC: Consisting of 21 universities and more than half million candidates, Ontario is a holy place for everyone who desires for higher education in Canada.



It’s not surprising that universities wanted to make the process general for applying in these universities easier and more convenient.



When a large number of students are applying for many colleges, giving them one platform helps them in applying in easier and makes the process less stressful.



That’s why The OUAC – Ontario Universities Application Centre was founded in 1971.



Fortunately, OUAC of the present era is very much different than the older 1971 version.



The main change is that the entire process is currently online.



You can apply for OUAC programs corresponding with an Ontario University, and easily check the admission related information all in the OUAC portal given to you.



Because OUAC is normally a one-time use, you must definitely give it a try.



Two type of applications for (OUAC Programs)



The main thing one needs to remember is that OUAC is especially for applying to Ontario colleges and universities.



If you are interested in applying to the universities in other provinces, you need to put effort into doing research about the application process for any other non-Ontario universities.



For candidates who wants to take part in (OUAC Programs), it breaks down into 2 main categories:



Students who belong to Ontario high schools known as “101” applications.



Students who don’t belong to Ontario High Schools, known as “105” applications.



The important thing that needs to be noticed here is that OUAC makes this Differentiation on the basis of what high school you attended. This means, if you are a Canadian, that it doesn’t make any difference where you live in the nation.



For example, if your mother and father belong to Ottawa and your high schooling is done from Quebec, you need to use the 105 application.



Also, for those students who are not citizens of Canada originally they need to do their research by themselves and get the suitable papers and submit it. OUAC will not be offering any additional Visa related procedures even if you were a student of a Canadian High School.



If this is confusing, OUAC has a handy guide to help you identify if you need a 101 vs 105 OUAC application.



If all is confusing, no worries, OUAC offers a guide that will help you to make the decision if you need a 101 or 105 application to apply for OUAC Programs.



The procedure for application in the university contains four main steps.



  • Researching
  • Gathering data
  • Application
  • After the Application



OUAC guides you in clearing the last two steps.



For clearing the step 1 and step 2 you need to do self effort, by visiting websites related to OUAC programs, to find the suitable information.



Applying to university: 101 and 105



If you are a student of an Ontario high school and willing to apply for an Ontario University, OUAC 101 is your choice.



The primary step you require to do is to gather your OUAC papers and sign in.



You can seek support from your guidance counselor, he or she can help you with OUAC related papers or credentials. Once you collect all of them, simply sign in using the portal of OUAC.



OUAC 105 applicants can gather information on the internet and seek guidance from there.



Once you sign in, you have to select which program or programs you want to join from the list of OUAC Programs.



OUAC facilitates you to apply for a maximum of three programs by paying a single fee. If you want to join more than that, you will be charged an extra fee per program.



After picking up the programs you want to join, you have to prepare for the application process.



Ultimately you need to pay the charge to make it authentic.



If you are worried about the application charge for the OUAC, you can seek guidance from your counselor from the high school who is provided by every school or you can get access to a fee waiver.



After the application there are two primary reasons, you will still have to visit OUAC even after you given the submission of your applications:



In case you need to make some changes to your application.



Schools may need more data or you may select an application from the school you are currently not interested in attending.



You will get selection decisions in OUAC.



This is the step when you will be deciding which school you will be joining and willing to attend and which one you are going to reject, if it’s applicable.



If you want to know more about OUAC Programs and how it’s done, visit us and we will guide you with all the important information required in selecting the best programs for your child.


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