5 Things You Should Know About OUAC

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Ontario University Applications Centre or OUAC Canada is a non-profit organisation that processes admission applications for different programs at Ontario universities. If you are pursuing undergraduate degree, law, medical, rehabilitation sciences, and teacher education, then you may apply through the organisation.

Before doing that, here are five things that you must know about OUAC guidance.

Undergrad 101 application requirements

To apply through OUAC Canada, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You are under 21 years of age and is currently taking courses at a high school in Ontario.
  • You are not out of high school for more than seven consecutive months.
  • You are expecting to receive your Ontario Secondary School Diploma with six 4U/M courses at the end of the application year.
  • You have not attended a college, university, or any post-secondary institution.
  • You are applying to the first year of an undergraduate degree program or diploma program at an Ontario university.

Undergrad 105 application requirements

Even if you are an international student and not currently attending an Ontario high school day program,you can still process your admission application for undergraduate program at an Ontario university. But instead of undergrad 101, you need to accomplish undergrad 105 application.

Online application

Applying through OUAC Canada is simple because it is done through their official website. All you need to do is to create your personal account, provide necessary details, and follow the given application instructions. But prior to selecting a university or a program, do some research. You can simply use the publications and resources available on the OUAC’s website.

University-specific requirements

You may apply to as many Ontario universities/programs as you wish. However, keep in mind that each school and program may have specific requirements that you must submit on time.

Responding to offers

After the application, the universities will evaluate your files individually. If you pass the initial stage, they will make an offer and explain the terms and response instructions. Offers can be received at different times of the year. If you happen to find a better offer from another university, make sure to cancel previously accepted offer.


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