What’s New in OCAS programs

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The Ontario College Application Service is the centralized service platform for college applications in French and English. It has an applicant website and a data warehouse where information on government, high school, and college applications can be found. The application centre lets you apply seamlessly, as long as you have all the necessary requirements. If you need help with that, there are OCAS programs to help you complete your qualifications.

Requirements to know

One of the important documents you must provide is your OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) or an equivalent. You also need to keep tabs on the latest policies from OCAS Canada.

Graduate certificate programs for OCAS require a prior university or college certificate, degree, or diploma for admission. Just remember to check for program-specific requirements for admission from certain colleges. In that case, you may want to visit the school’s website to learn about their own requirements.

For mature students, a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition should serve as a means to evaluate their knowledge and skills, which they may have acquired from outside the classroom, through work experience or continuing education, life experiences, volunteering, and other relevant avenues. Assessment results are applicable for academic credit, in case you are upgrading, pursuing, or retaining education in any Ontario college after being part of the workforce.

Application requirements

You will need to have an OCAS login for your account. Disclose your educational history and personal information, add your choices of programs, and make sure your high school transcripts are ready to submit. You will have to pay the application processing fee.

More flexibility

OCAS is aiming to provide more flexibility to school boards and high schools for transmitting marks within a school year, so they adjusted the data transmission schedule for enrolment data and student marks. This way, Ontario colleges are able to assure students and schools that varied scheduling models won’t have any impact on admissions. Colleges will continue to take in student enrolment data from OCAS Canada on standard dates.

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