USCA Academy for Grade 12 Chemistry

For many students, Chemistry ranks high in their list of dreaded subjects because it involves a lot of memorisation and mathematical computations. If your child’s goal is to get excellent marks in Grade 12 Chemistry, then perhaps you should hire a Chemistry tutor in Mississauga. USCA Academy has professional and experienced Chemistry tutors that can guide your kids and help them better understand and appreciate this subject. 

Here are the benefits of having a personal tutor in Grade 12 Chemistry

Personalized pace and approach

With average classrooms having more than 20 students, it’s hard for kids to get the attention they need. Some kids learn quicker than their peers while others need more time or a different approach to process the same information.

A tutor can provide your children with one-on-one attention to ensure that they understand each lesson before moving on to the next. Private tutoring is flexible to cater to a learner’s unique needs and pace.

Structured guidance and practice 

Chemistry incorporates many abstract concepts and theories from advanced chemistry and other fields of sciences. It tests one’s critical thinking skills and ability to solve problems while applying theories in the real world. This is why kids need structure and guidance to avoid getting overwhelmed. A chemistry tutor in Mississauga can provide this organised instruction, with opportunities to apply lessons to the real world to keep the learner engaged.

Improved self-esteem

The one-on-one approach of a private tutor can help learners become much more confident about their ability to solve chemistry problems. Continuous positive reinforcement encourages them to learn even more on their own and become more participative in school, too.

Aside from Chemistry tutoring, USCA Academy offers tutoring on other subjects including Grade 12 Physics, Biology, Math, and English. We also have tutors for IB high school students. 

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