Unlocking Your Future: OSSD High School Education

Are you considering high school education in Canada as a pathway to top universities worldwide? If so, USCA Academy’s Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) program could be your golden ticket. Read on to discover how we can assist you in achieving not just an OSSD but a well-rounded educational experience.

Explore USCA’s OSSD program.

USCA Academy offers an OSSD high school program that serves as a comprehensive educational platform. The program equips students with the necessary resources to apply to top-tier universities in America, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Upon successful completion, students will be awarded the OSSD, which opens doors to a variety of post-secondary options.

Our advisors don’t just help students with academics—they also focus on life skills. Through a positive and independent learning environment, we aim to instill qualities like time management, organizational skills, and self-discipline in our students.

Who is eligible for OSSD high school at USCA?

Our OSSD program in Ontario is open to a wide range of students, including:

Current high school students in Grades 9-12

Recent high school graduates

Middle school graduates

Students currently enrolled in International Baccalaureate, O Level, A Level, or AP programs.

Online and in-person OSSD courses

At USCA Academy, we offer flexibility in how you can take your OSSD courses. International students can opt for online courses, which are conducted live via Zoom. This option is particularly advantageous for those looking to save on living costs.

Alternatively, for those interested in experiencing Canadian culture first-hand, in-person OSSD courses are available. If needed, our immigration specialist can assist you in preparing your study permit application.

Join us and secure your educational future.

Your educational journey should be as enriching as it is academically rigorous. At USCA Academy, we offer an OSSD high school education that prepares you for both the academic and life challenges ahead. Enroll in our OSSD program in Ontario and take the first step toward achieving your goals!

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