The Final Steps: Completing the Compulsory Requirements for the OSSD

Is your child completing their high school or secondary school education in Ontario? It’s important to complete all OSSD requirements as required by the Ministry of Education. Students in the 9th to 12th grades are subject to the program’s diploma requirements to qualify for higher studies in any North American university. Even international students are required to have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma to enter any university in the region.

But how can students complete the requirements for OSSD? This guide has all the information to help you guide your child.

Who can apply for an OSSD?

Local and international middle school graduates can apply for OSSD. Newly high school graduates and current high school students in grades 9 to 12 are also allowed to apply. Many schools also accept current IB, A-level, O Level, and AP students in their OSSD programs.

Understanding the OSSD program

OSSD in Ontario is a unique system for learners who want to complete their high school education in Canada. It provides the resources for pursuing further studies in top American, Australian, Canadian, and UK universities. Students who complete OSSD requirements will get the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, and after completing their studies, the authority can help with admissions into North American universities.

Besides providing professional assistance to students, OSSD also aims to help aspirants develop practical skills and achieve academic excellence to improve their chances of success after high school. As such, qualified schools won’t merely help students complete the requirements for OSSD. They also provide mentors to work with students to teach time management, social, self-discipline, organizational, and other essential skills to excel. These mentors can also build their confidence and help students become more dedicated to achieving their goals in a positive and independent learning environment.

Complete the study

International students can earn their OSSD Ontario from their home country via online study. Or they can go to Ontario and study in a reputable school that can support them in completing their compulsory high school education. Top schools have an immigration specialist to assist students with their study permit application if required.

Other requirements

To complete OSSD requirements, students must also participate in 40 hours of community involvement and pass the OSSLT. The program also considers any approved or certified course by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Need more details?

Contact us here at USCA Academy for further assistance in completing the requirements for OSSD. Your child can also study with us to earn the credits to complete high school in Ontario.

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