OUAC Guidance: Your Path to Ontario Universities

Do you want to embark on higher education in Ontario but don’t know how to start your OUAC application? Let this blog serve as your OUAC guidance, complete with the essential information you need to submit a strong application that sets the foundation for your academic career.

1. Selecting the perfect university and academic program

Before diving into the OUAC application, take time to thoroughly research the universities and their programs. This will help you find what best matches your career aspirations and interests.

Browse through official university websites and consider different courses. Record the OUAC codes for the programs that catch your eye, and be mindful of important details like eligibility criteria, application prerequisites, and specific deadlines.

2. Creating your OUAC login and initiating the application

First and foremost, you’ll need to create an OUAC login. Be sure to keep a record of your username and password, as you’ll need them to keep track of your application status and access other essential information.

Once you’ve logged in, proceed to the application section and fill in the required information carefully. Before finalizing your application by clicking ‘I Verify and Agree,’ ensure that you’ve accurately selected the programs you wish to apply to.

After verification, complete your application by submitting it along with the associated fees before the specific program deadlines.

3. Obtaining and keeping track of your OUAC Reference Number

After you submit your application, you’ll get an OUAC Reference Number. Safely store this number, as it will be crucial for any future communication with OUAC about your university selections.

4. Monitoring your application through OUAC login

After the initial submission, make it a habit to regularly log in to your OUAC account to check your application and make any necessary adjustments.

Also, set your email filters to accept messages from both OUAC and the universities you have applied to, as important updates regarding your application will come exclusively through email.

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