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Did you know that students in Canada have two academic options after they graduate from high school?

You can either go to a university or to a college. But what’s the difference?

College vs. university in Canada

On the surface level, these two post-secondary options may seem quite similar. However, the college system in Canada focuses more on technical training and diplomas, while universities grant bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

In addition, the application processes for both systems are different. If you’re planning to go to college, you must apply through the Ontario College Application Service or OCAS!

OCAS Canada is a non-profit organisation that provides a centralised hub for students who wish to apply to a college in Ontario. Your OCAS login credentials will be accessible from both the OCAS website and the mobile app.

A step-by-step guide for applying in the OCAS program:

  1. Look for colleges and programs

It’s best to familiarise yourself with the different colleges in Ontario to narrow down your search. Ask yourself what you want to study and if the campus is located somewhere convenient for you. There are over 20 colleges in the province, so take your pick.

  1. Create an account

The next and easiest step is to create an account using the OCAS Canada website. You need this account to go straight into the application process and save your details.

  1. Apply for your college/s of choice

You can apply to the different colleges on your list once you’ve completed the OCAS login. The website allows you to choose up to five programs, with up to three programs from the same college.

  1. Order your transcript

Your transcript is a requirement when applying for colleges in Ontario. Luckily, OCAS makes this simple by notifying your high school to send the document to your chosen colleges. 

  1. Pay for the application

Once you’ve double-checked your information, you can pay for your applications straight through the website!


Having trouble with your OCAS login and application?

We’ve got you covered. Contact USCA Academy for more guidance regarding the OCAS program!






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