Make Your Kids More Interactive at Our Best Summer School in Ontario!

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Do your kids get bored at home when they’re on vacation? Why not keep them productive by enrolling in a summer school in Mississauga for secondary students!

How does summer school in Ontario works?

Unlike traditional education, summer school in Ontario is completely optional. Students that choose to attend can take credit courses throughout the summer to stay ahead of their classes.

Here at USCA Academy, we offer summer classes from July to August, giving kids the chance to complete missing credits and improve their grades in preparation for university.

Our course list includes English, Mathematics, Science, Accounting and Business, History and Social Sciences, Law, and Languages for secondary school students. Students can also take exam preparation programs for GMAT, SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL if the need arises.

The benefits of going to our summer school in Mississauga

You might be wondering: Why should I send my child to summer school in Mississauga when they can spend their vacation relaxing at home, or maybe even traveling? We understand your concerns; after all students need a break from academics too.

But think of summer school as a long-term investment. Students who sacrifice some of their free time during the break can put themselves ahead of others in their class!

Here at USCA Academy, your child can receive world-class education any time of the year, including the summer. We make sure that all of our students are provided with indivisualised attention, gearing them up for the next academic year or preparing them to enter university.

On top of that, our teachers are highly-qualified subject matter specialists in the respective subjects they teach. Our summer school in Mississauga for secondary students follows the Ontario Curriculum and is designed to help both local and international pupils stay ahead of their peers!


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