How Will the Pandemic Change High Schools in The Long Run?

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  • Post published:September 19, 2020
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It is still uncertain when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. The coronavirus may have stopped certain aspects of our lives, and schools are not an exception. However, as Canada slowly and carefully reopens, schools are following suit. However, some changes are being made in educational institutions and how parents consider where their kids should study, prompting them to look up ‘high school near me.’ Discerning parents may prefer that their kids go to a school closest to home to be an easier drive or commute, or kids can walk or bike safely to get to their class on time.

One thing is for sure that things might never be the same for as long as the pandemic is here, and the effects could carry over in the long run. Because of the pandemic, many high schools have changed the way they operate. Although some schools may have reopened, some have come up with an online learning program to provide students with an alternative, in case they still do not want to attend classes physically to stay safe and to practice social distancing. This offer could encourage other schools to provide an alternative learning opportunity and expand their school programs to kids who might not be able to go to school for reasons like a disability, an illness, or distance.

The choice in schools is possibly affected by the pandemic, too. Apart from parents and students preferring a high school near me, they may consider whether the educational institution is private or not. Private schools may become preferred, specifically for their stringent health and safety measures and strictly implementing and following the government’s guidelines.

Some private schools may also be working together with public schools, governments, technology providers, telecom network operators, and professional educators to provide innovative learning platforms to enhance online learning for everyone. An example would be the implementation of cloud-based online learning systems complete with all resources for learning.

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