Computer Science Grade 12, University Preparation (ICS4U)

Course Title : Science, Grade 12, University Preparation (ICS4U)
Course Name : Computer Science
Course Code : ICS4U
Grade : 12
Course Type : University Preparation
Credit Value : 1.0
Prerequisite : Introduction to Computer Science, Grade 1, University Preparation, ICS3U
Curriculum Policy Document: Computer Studies, The Ontario Curriculum

Course Description

This course enables students to further develop knowledge and skills in computer science. Students will use modular design principles to create complex and fully documented programs, according to industry standards. Student teams will manage a large software development project, from planning through to project review. Students will also analyse algorithms for effectiveness. They will investigate ethical issues in computing and further explore environmental issues, emerging technologies, areas of research in computer science, and careers in the field.

Outline of Course Content

Unit Titles and Descriptions Time and Sequence
Unit 1: Designing Data Structures

In this unit, students review and extend their knowledge in data structures while focusing on implementation of projects to create and manipulate data constructs. Students apply fundamental fixed-size data structures (arrays, user-defined data types, records, arrays of records) to solutions to real-life problems and suggest possible implications of data storage on people's lives in light of Canadian law. Students use independent study activity to further their mastery of new programming skills in preparation for postsecondary destinations. They also learn to select proper data structures that best match the information and promote program efficiency, code reusability, and maintenance. Students review and reinforce the principles of ergonomics and relate it to the rights of workers. They explore career opportunities in computing and information science related fields..

20 hours
Unit 2: Building software libraries

In Managing Software Projects students examine the components of a software project plan and develop a plan, in the context of case studies. They review the components of the software design life cycle and explore project management and team-building techniques. Students create a list of questions, pose the questions to a role-playing client, write a problem definition, analyse, design, implement and maintain a solution.

20 hours
Unit 3: Exploring advanced algorithms

Students practice the re-use of code by building and sharing code libraries. The libraries are expanded in subsequent units. Students explore the differences between object-oriented and procedural programming as they apply to software libraries. Students also examine library design in the context of file management in network environments. They investigate intellectual property rights and code ownership and the ethics of code re-use by examining and analysing software-licensing agreements.

20 hours
Unit 4: Managing Software Projects

Students explore alternative algorithms for solving problems. They examine and program solutions to problems similar to those encountered in ICS3M (e.g., binary search or factorials), using new techniques such as recursion. They also plan solutions to more complex problems using industry-standard methodology (e.g., flow charts, pseudocode, structure charts). Students apply advanced algorithms, such as a recursive sort, to develop more efficient solutions to complex programming problems. Strategies for testing and debugging of programs are developed.

15 hours
Unit 5: Project Management and Software development skills

This unit is a culminating challenge in which students work to apply project-management skills, previously learned, to a case study. They plan, develop, test, and document a software solution to a given problem. Students apply complex programming techniques and utilize software libraries.

20 hours
Final Evaluation

The first product is a Project, subdivided into three distinct subsections and is worth 15% of the overall course marks. This Project will be evaluated using a marking scheme and a rubric. The second product will be a final exam of well-formulated multiple choice questions requiring information from the whole course.

10 hours
Total 110 hours

Outline of Course Content

Unit Titles and Descriptions Time and Sequence
Unit 1: Les contes de fées

An introductory unit, students will read, watch and listen to several fairy tales. They will participate in discussions and debates with one another and reflect upon the stories studied.

20 hours
Unit 2: C'est Moi!

In this unit, students will share information about themselves, as well as a friend. Using qualifying adjectives, they will write descriptive paragraphs. Reflexive verbs are studied, and the students will create a Facebook page for a celebrity.

22 hours
Unit 3: Les films

Students will learn about and discuss different movie genres. Students will delve into the horror genre, and create a dialogue between two characters. The passé composé of regular and irregular verbs, personal, direct and indirect object pronouns, as well as the pronouns y and en are studied, in order for students to create a proper email message.

22 hours
Unit 4: La saga du monde vers

After learning the futur simple, students will participate in an online graphic novel study. They will engage in discussions about the story and its characters, and they will maintain a comprehension and reflection journal.

22 hours
Unit 5: Vive le Français!

Students will be exposed to a variety of Francophone cultures around the world, with a particular emphasis on music, celebrations, and travel considerations. They will research and plan a trip to their chosen location, and create a comprehensive oral presentation on their chosen culture.

22 hours
Total 110 hours

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