How International Schools Ontario Help Grow Your Child’s Career

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Parents already know that international schools in Ontario generally provide a higher quality of education than state schools. But how exactly do these institutions offer better learning and help students improve their career prospects?

International schools in Ontario are not all the same. Each has its own way of shaping their students and preparing them for the future. Nevertheless, there are programs and winning strategies that most international schools in Ontario use because they are proven effective:

University preparation program

Because the majority of their students are going to pursue university degrees, leading international schools see the need to create special programs for Grade 12 students. These are called university preparation programs or pre-university programs. For one year, the students receive all the help they need to successfully enter their dream universities, be it in Canada or in another country. Apart from completing all the pre-requisites of the university or college of their choice, students also get training to acquire practical skills they will need in their future careers.

Guidance assistance

International schools in Ontario have assistance programs where in academic guidance counselors teach students how to be more independent, disciplined, and organised — qualities that will help them succeed in university life and in the workplace. They help them in developing personalized study-plan for their whole academic journey and map out their educational plan. As early as possible, they want their students to plan their dreams and think about their career. This way, students can focus on achieving not only their short-term but also long-term goals.

Placement tests

International schools tend to be strict when admitting students. Most of them offer placement tests before accepting students. The exams will assess the current knowledge and skills of students so that they can ensure they are starting at the right level. The placement tests also help them ensure that students are able to get the complete and fair of education.

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