The Writer’s Craft, Grade 12 (EWC4U)

Course Title : The Writer’s Craft, Grade 12 (EWC4U)
Course Name : The Writer’s Craft
Course Code : EWC4U
Grade : 12
Course Type : University Preparation
Credit Value : 1.0
Prerequisite : ENG3U, English Grade 11, University Preparation
Curriculum Policy Document: English, The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12, 2007 (Revised)

Course Description

This course emphasizes knowledge and skills related to the craft of writing. Students will analyse models of effective writing; use a workshop approach to produce a range of works; identify and use techniques required for specialized forms of writing; and identify effective ways to improve the quality of their writing. They will also complete a major paper as part of a creative or analytical independent study project and investigate opportunities for publication and for writing careers.

Outline of Course Content

Unit Titles and Descriptions Time and Sequence
Unit 1: Children’s Literature:

In this instructional unit, students analyze children’s literature: the text and illustrations, and the special requirements of this audience. In order to support this analysis and creation of a children’s text(s), students will read published literature of this genre and their own final illustrated children’s story to grade school children.

20 hours
Unit 2: The Short Story:

In this instructional unit, students read a variety of short stories, analyzing the elements of plot, character, theme and setting. Students will begin maintaining a journal, both in and out of class, to record inspirations, observations, fragments of ideas, images etc. as inspiration for their own final production of a short story (and for other units of this course, as well).

20 hours
Unit 3: Poetry Time:

In this instructional unit, students read and analyze a variety of poetic structures - including sonnets, concrete poetry, free verse, etc. – from a wide range of poets. Students write in a minimum of three of the forms studied.

15 hours
Unit 4: Play Writing:

In this instructional unit, students research elements of drama writing using selected samples from playwrights such as Judith Thompson, Thomson Highway, Edward Albee, etc. Students write and present a short one act play or scene.

15 hours
Unit 5: Stepping Ahead - Independent Study Project

In this evaluation unit, students will work independently to demonstrate the key knowledge and skills developed throughout the course by planning and conducting an independent study project that will result in: an analysis of a specific writer’s style; a creative text written in the chosen writer’s style; and, an oral presentation which summarizes the various independent study components.

15 hours
Summative Evaluation

(15% of Final Mark): Analysis of chosen author’s writing style Creative text modeling chosen author’s style Oral presentation synthesizing various components of this project.

15 hours
Summative Final Evaluation

(30% of Final Mark): In-class Exam (15% of final mark) includes I.S.U. Independent Study Unit (see above, 15% of final mark)

20 hours
Total 110 hours

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