Check the Benefits of the OCAS Program in Canada

The OCAS program or Ontario College Application Service program is an online educational system that is designed to connect college explorers to the colleges in the province. A lot of students have been benefiting from this application because it is accessible and user-friendly. Aside from this, the following are the other benefits of using the OCAS program:

All resources in one place 

OCAS is connected to the colleges in the Northern, Eastern, Western, and Central regions of Ontario. Everything you need to know about a particular school can be found on their website. This includes the admission requirements, college programs, contact details, location, and web address. Their website also has different types of resources that tell you about student life, accommodations, services, and more.  

Apply to different colleges with ease 

OCAS program offers the most convenient way for individuals to begin their college journey. By creating an account, you will be able to send applications to colleges of your choice. The system allows you to create a student profile that lists down your personal information and educational history. The application lets you apply to up to 5 college programs with a maximum of 3 at any college. 

Request transcript in just a click 

What’s more is that you can request transcripts using the OCAS, too. There’s no need to send an email request or go to your old high school in person to get a copy of your transcript and submit it to your chosen college. Just take note that the feature will only work if your previous high school is on the list of participating Ontario high schools.  

Receive admission offers     

All students who submitted through the OCAS and passed the initial admission process will receive an offer on the same application. The process of accepting offers is also easy. You just need to log in to your account, select offers on the dashboard, and click accept or decline. 

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