How Hard is it to Get into Ontario Universities?

Ontario University: For international students, Ontario is the most popular choice in Canada. Ontario has a reputation for being a secure and inviting environment with high-quality education, with over 150,000 international students. Ontario has it all, whether you’re looking for a globally recognised qualification, an immigration path from study to job, or a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience.

Ontario has hundreds of world-class schools because it is Canada’s most populous province. You might attend Carleton University or the University of Ottawa, both well-known universities in the nation’s capital. Alternatively, you might follow the University of Ontario, one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious universities. There are a plethora of other choices available. The University of Waterloo is one of Canada’s most innovative schools. At the same time, Ryerson is known for its rich urban environment and cutting-edge management school, UWO for its well-known engineering programmes, and OCAD for consistently producing internationally recognised artists and designers.

Why Acceptance Is Becoming More Difficult

So far, you’ve discovered that the conditions for admittance tend to become more stringent with time. What causes this, though? The solution is complicated because it is based on several variables. However, this article will go through a couple of them in this part to give you a better idea of why it is getting tough.

Enrollment from around the world

In reality, the number of international candidates has risen dramatically throughout the years. When you apply to the University of Ontario, you are up against students from all around the world. There are numerous reasons why University of Ontario is recruiting talent from all around the world.

To begin with, the University’s renown extends beyond national boundaries. According to QS Rankings, the University of Ontario is placed 25th among the best universities in the world. Compared to 2016, it increased by 11 positions.

Second, Canada is one of the most desirable places to call home. The quality of living in this country is quite appealing to students from developing nations like China or India, with a Human Development Index of 0.922.

Finally, studying in Canada offers American students a more excellent value for their money. Although it may not score as high as Harvard, the University of Ontario outperforms several of America’s most outstanding universities. According to US News, University of Ontario will be ranked lower than Duke, Brown, and Cornell University in 2020.

As a result, many top students from throughout the world compete for a spot. They become a driving force that makes the process more competitive because they typically had excellent performance in their nations.

Gender Equity is essential

The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering has achieved tremendous improvement in gender balance during the last ten years.

Is the admissions process now more competitive as a result of this occurrence? That’s likely. Women are equally qualified as men when it comes to intelligence. As a result, their contribution, regardless of gender, impacts the average admission score.

Although various factors can influence the average, this one stands out.

Women continue to win significant positions in previously male-dominated fields as our society grows more open. And more women are indeed pursuing engineering degrees.

In 2011, women accounted for only 23.2% of first-year engineering students. However, the percentage has now risen to almost 42%.

Plans for the Future

Every year, the University of Ontario releases an enrolment report. According to this paper, some Faculties intend to raise full-time enrollment by a small proportion in the foreseeable future. However, this is far lower than the rate of increase of applications.

By 2024-25, St. George’s main campus will have a 2.9% enrollment increase. Unfortunately, because this percentage is so modest, we may expect offers to remain stable in the following years while applications continue to rise.

Acceptance Suggestions

Recognise that you aren’t a number

When it comes to applications, do you think about grades, IELTS scores, or test scores? You have a valid point. This is the only area that many university admissions offices take seriously worldwide. If you aren’t an A+ student, don’t consider applying in these circumstances. Grades are significant in Ontario. They are, however, far from the only criterion for consideration. Ontario universities, in general, seek students that are “well-rounded”. This implies they’re looking for pupils who can achieve a 90 on their math test in the morning and then score a goal in the soccer game after school. They’re searching for students who can write a critical essay on the implications of climate change for their geography exam and then volunteer at a nursing home. Students are respected for their academic ability and their commitment to life outside of the classroom.

Extend your horizons by participating in a variety of activities

Observing the earlier point, if you want to study in Ontario, you’ll need more than simply addresses, names, and phone numbers on your application. Listed below are a few options:

  • Look for part-time work to supplement your income. This will demonstrate to schools that you are a responsible individual who can manage a busy schedule and recognise your efforts. Schools acknowledge that stocking shelves at a supermarket does not require an A+ student, but they will respect your dedication to strenuous effort.
  • Participate in some form of physical activity. You aren’t required to be an Olympian to participate in sports; yet, doing so demonstrates that you can work well with others, obey laws, and are likely healthy. Sports score points on applications, whether a member of the dance squad, basketball club, or table tennis management.
  • Volunteering is an unquestionably valuable addition to your resume. Some programmes even demand that students volunteer for a particular amount of time. Volunteering demonstrates to admissions staff that you care about society, are interested in learning about life outside the classroom, and are willing to assist those in need.


Ontario is an excellent location for furthering your education. You won’t be disappointed, with some of the world’s best schools and gorgeous, safe, and fascinating places. Submitting a winning application will ensure that this is a reality.

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