Cheap Schools and University in Canada for International Students – How to Get Admission

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If you are moving to Mississauga from another country with your children, you may want to consider continuing their education in one of the local international schools in Ontario. That does not mean spending a fortune for high-quality education, as there are cheap schools in Canada for international students. These schools offer elementary education, credit courses, and high school programs, which are aimed at preparing students for university or college. If you are interested in applying, here are the things you need to know about the admissions process in an international school in Mississauga:

  • What you need – Prepare a photocopy of your children’s photo ID from their passports and get an admission application form from your preferred high school for international students in Mississauga. Check for application fees and be sure to pay for them. The school will also request the transcript from your children’s last three years in school, preferably with an English translation where applicable, and the school’s seal. You may also provide language proof, such as the original TOEFL or IELTS test report.
  • Conditional offer – If the application meets the requirements of one of the cheap schools in Canada for international students, a conditional offer will be issued along with subsequent materials and the invoice for the tuition and other fees.
  • Acceptance – After paying the tuition to the international school in Mississauga, a receipt, guardian’s documents (only for applicants under 18), and the official letter of acceptance will be mailed to the student. Those documents are necessary for student visa application and registration on the campus upon arrival.
  • Apply for a student permit – It is advisable to hire an immigration lawyer to help you with the processing. A high school for international students in Mississauga could also provide one for you. That way, you can be sure that the student permit application can go smoothly. The processing usually takes one to three months, and that will depend on the documents and other related conditions.

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