Key Highlights of Private Schools

Every discerning parent like you wants the best for their child. That includes providing high-quality education that can hone your child’s mind, develop their character, and set them for success in the future. With this in mind, you might want to consider enrolling them in a private school.


The best private schools in Mississauga will offer enriched academic opportunities to your child, with the help from qualified educators, and in a conducive environment, which will help them focus on their studies. Here are some key highlights you can expect from them:


  • For local and international students – Reputable Mississauga private schools are known to accept both local and international students. They help young learners accomplish their respective educational goals by providing them with high-quality elementary and high school.


  • Flexible learning – There are private schools in Mississauga that offer flexible learning arrangements to make schooling more favourable for every student, no matter their situation. The high school and secondary levels have part-time and full-time programs. Total-time students can take up the OSSD program or the university preparation program. After-school help and night school are part of the part-time program.


  • Improve chances for college admissions – It may be in your child’s best interest to study in a private school if they want to increase their chance of getting into their desired university or college in Canada or abroad. Some of the best schools offer preparation programs to help them with admissions. Just be sure to check the university acceptance rate of the school.


  • Ministry approved – The best private schools in Mississauga are inspected and approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education to ensure the quality of their education, facilities, and educators. The Ontario curriculum is followed and the learning programs developed are based on the Ministry’s standards.


  • Credible, reliable teachers and guidance counsellors – Mississauga private schools hire only certified and licensed educators who are subject area experts. The academic guidance counsellors will also work closely with your child to create a tailored study plan for their entire journey in the school.

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