Why International School in Canada Is the Right Choice for You

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Are you thinking of going to an international school in Canada? It may be the best choice if you’re preparing to go to one of the best universities or colleges in the country and overseas. Leading international schools welcome students from all backgrounds and their goal is to help you earn the quality education you deserve while being taught by certified, highly experienced educators. These educational institutions welcome international and local students to complete their required schooling to move forward. They offer an elementary school program for Grades 1-8, the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) program for Grades 9-12, and the University Preparation Program for Grade 12 students.

Flexibility in credit transfer & intake of students

If you are moving to Canada at any time during an academic year, an international school may be the best choice. That’s because it typically has five student intake semesters per year, particularly in February, April, July, September, and November. So, you can start when at the most convenient time for you. English and math placement tests will ensure that you are starting at the right level. You could also earn Ontario high school credits with a Prior Learning Assessment if you come from another country, regardless of the previous educational system you had.

Skills building

Teachers in international schools in Canada won’t just support your academic goals. They work closely with every student to help them acquire the necessary practical skills for long-term success. Thus, you can expect to be guided through the development of organizational, social, time-management, intrapersonal, interpersonal, self-confidence, and self-discipline skills.


When moving to Canada for studies, you might need some back-up and support. An international school has the resources to support you through your home stay application or visa application. It can also walk you through your university application and medical insurance arrangement. Airport pickup may also be arranged.

Top curriculum

The curriculum followed is based on local, provincial standards, such as the Ontario Curriculum, if you’re going to an international school in Mississauga. It’s designed to exceed the expectations of the Canadian Ministry of Education. Academic guidance counsellors will help you develop a bespoke study plan to increase your chances of getting into the university or college of your choice.

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