What’s the Latest in Summer Schools?

Enrolling in summer school is a great way to prepare for university, especially if you lack credit or you simply want to improve your grades to meet the requirements for the college program you want to take. At the same time, you could also receive OUAC guidance from your instructors or a career counsellor in school. OUAC stands for ‘Ontario University Applications Centre’. It is a centralized processing platform  for undergraduate admissions to universities in the province.

OUAC programs in summer school include standard exam preparation courses to help you ace critical assessment tests, such as IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL, in case you have yet to take them. By passing those exams, you can easily meet the requirements of OUAC to make an account on its official website. Keep in mind that you need to meet all its requirements to set-up your account. The deadline for application will depend on your current level in high school and the program you plan to apply to.

When considering summer school for OUAC in Canada, be sure to check with the school’s current policies and practices for holding their classes, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check if they are having classes on-site, or if they offer remote or distance learning as a means to follow social distancing protocols set by the government. In case the school offers its OUAC programs in the classroom, check the number of students they are admitting per class and make sure that health and safety protocols are being followed.

OUAC guidance is one of the most practical services you can get out of summer school, whether you are a local or an international student. A professional counsellor can help you make informed decisions on which university and programs to consider and guide you through completing your requirements for OUAC in Canada.

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