We Offer the Best Private School for Students

When it comes to the best private school in Mississauga, USCA Academy is one of the well-known international institutions to consider. Our international school provides the elementary programme, Ontario Secondary School Diploma, all high school credit courses, summer school, night school, as well as ESL, and IELTS. Our private high school in Mississauga also offers tutoring services in all subjects! 

Here are some of the features that make USCA Academy the right choice:                                                                                                                             

International education

USCA Academy welcomes students from every part of the world, so students are exposed to different cultures that ultimately open their eyes and minds to global ideas. The academy is also commended for its world-class instruction. Rest assured that USCA standards are at par with the finest institutions across the globe. Your children will be able to build a solid academic foundation that will set them up for success in the future!

Comprehensive elementary school program 

As one of the best private elementary schools in Mississauga, USCA Academy makes sure that every child receives the necessary support to maximise learning capabilities and nurture their gifts. Their aim is to instil curiosity in learning by giving enriched and tailored academic opportunities. Their comprehensive curriculum covers Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, World Issues, Social Studies, History, Health Education, Physical Education, and Music. 

Wide range of extracurricular activities 

USCA Academy recognises the importance of extracurricular activities in honing children into well-rounded individuals. They have sports, cultural activities, and clubs and other activities that suit various interests. Because learning can happen not only inside the campus, they organise school trips, and camping events, too.  

University preparation program

To prepare high school students for the next stages of their lives, USCA Academy offers career guidance. They also offer the Canadian Pre-university Program, guiding students in meeting necessary requirements to get admission into top universities. 

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