Unlocking Opportunities: Your Guide to Completing the OUAC Application

Are you currently enrolled and about to graduate from an Ontario high school? Are you about to earn your OSSD? If you’re planning to go to any local university, it’s essential to learn about the Ontario Universities Application Centre or OUAC application process. This blog has all the information to help you navigate university applications using the OUAC.

What is OUAC?

The Ontario Universities Application Centre is the centralized platform for high school students who want to attend local universities. With OUAC, you don’t have to submit your applications one by one, saving you time and effort. Rest assured, it’s a secure and user-friendly application hub where you can explore programs and manage your applications, too. 

Essentially, it simplifies the otherwise complex and time-consuming process of applying to several Ontario universities. All it takes is one OUAC application form.

Are you qualified to use OUAC?

Before signing up, check if you meet the criteria for university admissions. Students who use OUAC are required to fulfill the following conditions for undergraduate enrolment in any Ontario university, such as:

  • Actively enrolled and pursuing high school education in Ontario.
  • Ongoing academic progress. If you stopped at any point, it shouldn’t be more than seven months.
  • Achieving specific grades in six 4U or M courses to complete high school and attain the OSSD.
  • Below age 21 during application.
  • Not attending any post-secondary institution after high school.
  • The desire to pursue and complete an undergraduate degree.

By fulfilling these requirements, you can be on your way to a successful OUAC application. Additionally, it shows that you’re ready and appropriate for admission to reputable universities and your preferred undergraduate program.

Should you send your grades to OUAC? 

Many of our students are concerned about their grades and whether they need to provide them with their OUAC application. We won’t typically send your marks directly to the Ontario Universities Application Centre. Instead, you’re responsible for submitting your grades as you complete your application.

How to use OUAC 

It’s easy to complete your OUAC application when you follow these steps:

Step 1: Do your homework

Where and what do you want to study? Look up various universities and the programs they offer. Explore their official websites and take note of the OUAC codes for the programs you’re interested in. Additionally, take the time to understand the application deadlines, admission requirements, and eligibility criteria. We also recommend taking a virtual tour of prospective universities, attending open houses, or visiting them in person for a glimpse of campus life and to decide whether the school is right for you.

Step 2: Create an account

Visit the OUAC website. Create a personal account. To register, input your accurate personal information. Don’t forget to note your login credentials, so you can easily log back in at any time.

Step 3: Complete the necessary application sections

The OUAC application consists of multiple sections that require careful completion before you can proceed. It will ask for your personal details, program selections, and academic background, all of which must be provided accurately. Double-check all sections to ensure there are no discrepancies.

Step 4: Go over the form and confirm the details

Review the whole application by verifying your programs, academic information, and personal details. When you’re ready, confirm, agree, and submit.

Step 5: Pay the processing fees

Know the specified program deadlines and pay the processing fee before the said date. After this, you will get a reference number from the OUAC system, which you should note for future reference. When the OUAC receives your fee, it will take one to three business days to process your application.

Step 6: Verify your application 

Log back into your account to check your OUAC application and its status. You can also make any necessary modifications or updates to your information at this stage. 

Step 7: Wait for emails from the OUAC and universities

Universities will send an email to let you know that they have received your application. In addition, the OUAC and universities may send you messages to ask for additional requirements or share offers. Be sure to enable your email notifications and check your spam folder to avoid missing any correspondence.

Seek guidance when necessary.

At some point, you might be worried or have questions about your OUAC application. In this case, you can always connect with an OUAC representative for clarification or support. We recommend following the steps we shared above and staying vigilant about correspondence and deadlines to avoid any issues and increase your chances of a successful application process.

Important dates to know 

Stay up-to-date with the important deadlines for your OUAC application for a particular academic year. Here are some crucial dates for 2023-24:

  • January 15, 2024:

This is the deadline for Ontario high school students to complete their applications. Although the OUAC will still process the applications it will receive after this deadline and send them to respective universities, note that universities have specific deadlines.

  • May 29, 2024:

This is the latest date for Ontario high school students to expect a response from their prospective universities. They might receive an offer for admission, a deferral, or a refusal.

  • June 3, 2024:

This is the earliest date an Ontario high school student may be expected to respond to an offer of admission and commit to paying the necessary fees, such as the registration and residence deposits. Financial incentives, student assistance, scholarships, offers of residence, and other admission-related elements are part of this offer. So, be sure to accept them before this date.

What if all universities refused your application?

In June, Ontario high school students can find possible openings at local universities. On the OUAC website, check the Undergraduate page to find open programs you can add to your application. Additionally, try to get in touch with the universities for more details on available programs.

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