Science, Grade 9, Academic (SNC1D)

Course Title : Science, Grade 9, Academic (SNC1D)
Course Name : Science
Course Code : SNC1D
Grade : 9
Course Type : Academic
Credit Value : 1.0
Prerequisite : None
Curriculum Policy Document: Science, The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10, 2008 (Revised)

Course Description

This course enables students to develop their understanding of basic concepts in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics, and to relate science to technology, society, and the environment. Throughout the course, students will develop their skills in the processes of scientific investigation. Students will acquire an understanding of scientific theories and conduct investigations related to sustainable ecosystems; atomic and molecular structures and the properties of elements and compounds; the study of the universe and its properties and components; and the principles of electricity.

Outline of Course Content

Unit Titles and Descriptions Time and Sequence
Unit 1: Eco Systems

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the dynamic nature of ecosystems, especially with respect to ecological balance. The human impact on the sustainability of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems will be investigated and assessed, as will the effectiveness of action to remedy or mitigate negative impacts.

24 hours
Unit 2: Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

Students will investigate, and demonstrate understanding of properties of common elements and compounds, and of the organization of elements on the Periodic Table. They will assess social, environmental and economic impacts of the use of common elements and compounds, with respect to physical and chemical properties.

30 hours
Unit 3: Universe

Students will demonstrate an understanding of major scientific theories about the structure, formation and evolution of the universe, and of the evidence supporting these theories. They will investigate the characteristics of properties of a variety of celestial objects visible from Earth in the night sky. They will assess the costs, risks and benefits of space exploration, and the contributions of Canadians to space research.

30 hours
Unit 4: The Characteristics of Electricity

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the principles of static and current electricity. They will investigate various aspects of electricity, including properties of static and current electricity, and the quantitative relationships between potential difference, current, and resistance in electrical circuits. They will assess costs and benefits associated with production of electrical energy from renewable and non-renewable resources, and analyse how efficiencies can be enhanced through technological devices and practices.

23 hours
Final Evaluation

The final assessment task is a three hour exam worth 30% of the student’s final mark.

3 hours
Total 110 hours

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