How to Determine If a Private High School in Mississauga is Right for You and Your Child

As a growing trend, more parents are sending their kids to private high schools than ever. The reason behind it is the fact that private high schools have produced more valuable students over the years as compared to public schools.

Here is how to determine the best high school in Mississauga for your child.

Why a private school?

Firstly, ask yourself why you wish to send your kid to a private high school. Generally, such schools have a lower number of students and are known for their academic brilliance. A private school is better suited for students who wish to join Ivy league colleges for higher studies.

Fee structure

Expenses play a vital role in determining the right school. It is well known that the best schools in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Mississauga, and other big cities are quite expensive. If you can afford the higher fees, consider sending your child to a private high school.

Consider your child’s requirements

You must take into account any special needs that your kid has. It includes special interests such as acting, music, painting, sports, etc. Also, you must examine whether the school offers a suitable learning technique for your child.

Consider test scores and the success of alumni

You must assess how well students perform on tests in a school. Higher scores denote a great learning and competitive environment. Also, research a little about alumni of the school to understand better how the future of your kid will turn up.

Students-Teachers ratio

Usually, private schools have a better teacher to student ratio than public ones. An excellent high school in Mississauga is one with a smaller group of students. It helps a teacher focus better on every student individually.


Lastly, learn about the extra-curricular activities offered at a potential private high school. An ideal school must offer a variety of extra-curricular activities such as music, dance, theatre, sports, and fine arts. It is a positive sign if a school organizes frequent competitions to encourage students to improve extra-curricular activities.

You must also take into consideration the infrastructure and culture of a school. Your ideal high school in Mississauga must boast all the qualities mentioned above.