ESL School in Mississauga – Improve Your Proficiency in English

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One study entitled “The Contribution of Multilingualism to Creativity” proves the numerous brain benefits of learning an additional language. If you’ve been contemplating enrolling in an ESL school in Mississauga, you’ll be glad to know that studying English as a second language (or any other additional language) does so much more than improving your proficiency in a particular language. People who engage in learning and acquiring multilingual abilities benefit from a long list of practical advantages beginning with effectively communicating in the new language they are committing to learn.

The main advantage of an ESL school in Mississauga is learning how to use the language in written and spoken communication effectively. Because English is so widely used around the world, learning it will likewise help you create connections with a wider range of the global population.

When you learn English or any other secondary language, your brain’s electrical activity changes, contributing to superior functions, especially when it comes to language learning. Memory is likewise improved as the brain’s capacity to retain short-term memories is increased. In turn, this allows the brain to keep information for much longer durations while its thinking processes are activated. As mental pathways are opened up, you likewise experience increased mental flexibility. Language learning encourages a person to use and maximize different avenues for thought, keeping the brain agile and flexible.

Engaging in a language course such as ESL can likewise help increase problem-solving abilities. Apart from gaining a greater understanding of how the language works and how it is used, you also exercise other abilities that are crucial to problem-solving, like abstract thinking, concept formation, identification, hypothesis formulation, and the ability to maintain focus on tasks by filtering distractions along with extraneous information out. This, in turn, increases a language learner’s ability to multi-task.


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