Empowering Education: Understanding the Diversity of OSSD Courses

Is your child aiming for undergraduate studies in Ontario? At USCA Academy, we offer the essential OSSD courses they need. As the top private international OSSD high school, we have comprehensive programs that guide our students toward achieving their university and program aspirations. We invite both local and international students to join our high school community, where they’ll benefit from the expertise of our highly trained and experienced educators. Our OSSD courses not only prepare students for higher education but can also enhance their eligibility for scholarships at Ontario’s prestigious universities.

Why enroll in an OSSD high school?

Earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) opens doors to numerous academic opportunities post-graduation. At USCA Academy, we’re proud of our history of preparing students for successful entry into North American universities. Our tailored OSSD program ensures your child completes their secondary education in Canada so they are fully equipped for their next academic step. With our OSSD courses, students gain access to the resources and preparation needed for further studies in Ontario. 

In our OSSD high school, your child will also gain the support and education they need to increase their chances of getting into top-rated universities in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the UK. W

Aside from assisting and guiding students, we offer OSSD courses that can give them the practical skills to overcome the challenges of life and academics after high school. We have an in-house team of friendly and caring mentors to work closely with your child to help them develop the necessary social, organizational, and time management skills. In addition, we can increase their confidence, self-discipline, and dedication to achieve what they want in life. At our OSSD high school, your child can gain other life skills to boost their independence and competence.

Study your way 

We understand that some international students are unable to come to Canada to complete their secondary education for any reason. This is why we offer online OSSD courses that let them study from back home. Rest assured that we have the best teachers to provide live lessons via Zoom to help your child complete the compulsory courses. Online classes can also help you and your family save on living costs in Ontario.

If you can, enroll your child at our OSSD high school for in-person study. We’ll help them secure a study permit to qualify for enrolment and connect you with our immigration specialist for additional assistance. Studying on our campus is a good chance for your child to experience Canadian student life and the diverse culture we have in Ontario.

Is your child eligible?

Local and international students may take OSSD courses at USCA Academy as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Middle school graduates
  • Currently in high school, from Grades 9 to 12
  • Currently pursuing an IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma, AP, or A or O Level program
  • Students who have recently graduated high school but need additional credits for university acceptance 

Our OSSD high school can provide all the necessary credits to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Here is an in-depth look at the OSSD courses we offer and the credits your child can earn from our educational institution:

Compulsory 18 credits:

  • English (4 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Science (2 credits)
  • Canadian Geography (1 credit)
  • Canadian History (1 credit)
  • Arts (1 credit)
  • Health and Physical Education (1 credit)
  • French as a second language (1 credit)
  • Civics (0.5 credit)
  • Career Studies (0.5 credit)

Optional 12 credits:

  • Group 1 (pick 1 credit): A third language or additional English, humanities, social sciences, World and Canadian studies, cooperative education, or guidance and career education
  • Group 2 (pick 1 credit): The arts, health and physical education, cooperative education, or business studies
  • Group 3 (pick 1 credit): Grade 11 or 12 science, cooperative education, or Grade 9-12 technological education

Additional credits: 

  • 40 hours of community involvement to foster volunteerism and civic engagement
  • Demonstrate literacy skills by passing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) 

Understanding OSSD credits

The credit system in OSSD high schools is designed to provide your child with a well-rounded education and a diverse set of skills. This flexible structure allows students to choose electives that align with their interests and support their future personal, academic, and career objectives. 

Why pursue the OSSD diploma with USCA Academy? 

Enrolling in our OSSD high school can benefit you in many ways. Here are some reasons to take OSSD courses at our academy:

  1. Globally recognized qualification

Many reputable universities around the world recognize the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This means your child can pursue higher education in another country, including Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, and the United States.

  1. Cutting-edge curriculum

Our OSSD program is designed and developed by esteemed educators from the Ontario Ministry of Education. Plus, our OSSD high school meets and exceeds the expectations set by Canada’s Ministry of Education.

  1. Small class sizes

At USCA Academy, we maintain an optimum student-to-teacher ratio with a small class size. It’s how our educators can provide a more personalized learning experience and pay attention to the unique needs of every learner. In addition, we have handpicked teachers with extensive experience in education and their subjects.

  1. Guaranteed university admission 

Our OSSD courses can increase your child’s acceptance rate at any university in Canada and other countries.

  1. A chance to migrate and work to Canada

After completing their undergraduate program, your child may work for three years in Canada while they work on their immigration. Our school has an immigration specialist who can help arrange work and study visas or permanent residence applications.

  1. Constant assessment

We constantly evaluate and assess our students to ensure their appropriate development.

  1. Flexible credit transfer and student intake

Here at USCA Academy, we have 5 student intake semesters every year, particularly in September, November, February, April, and July. So your child can begin their OSSD program at a convenient time. We also have English and math placement tests to ensure they can start at the right level. Plus, our prior learning assessment can acknowledge their previous high school credits, regardless of their educational system or curriculum.

Get started today

Give your child a successful academic future with our OSSD program here at USCA Academy. Call (905) 232-0411 to know about our admission requirements.

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