Elementary Schools Play a Vital Role in Building The Character Of An Individual

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An elementary school is that school which imparts or provides the first part of a child’s education, the age of the children attending elementary schools is between five years and eleven years. The elementary school provides the basic education that becomes the building block of a child’s character.

Various elementary programs on offer
The academy, situated in Mississauga, provides a detailed division of Elementary schools that focuses on giving knowledge & learning process at a personalized pace. The academy understands that the learning capabilities of aspirants are not equal. Hence they provide a unified platform where they focus on nurturing young minds in order to make them curious and knowledgeable. Their main motto is to instill the features of curiosity and learning in a tailored way to all the children. 

There are mainly 3 levels or grades in their elementary program:

  1. Primary Level- Grades 1 to 3.
  2. Junior Level- Grades 4 to 6.
  3. Intermediate Level- Grades 7 to 8. 

If the learning opportunities are coming with project-based and inquiry-based experiments and examples, then the children are going to learn with full attention. The curriculum of the USCA academy is well organized and it is judiciously distributed among various subjects for the students to enjoy their learning process. There are varieties of subjects that are taught at the academy elementary level that include French, Visual Arts, Drama & Dance, Music, Physical and Health Education, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Geography, History, Computers & Technology, and Science.

  • Benefits Of Elementary School:
    Elementary education is not only beneficial to the children but also the nation at large. Elementary schools provide the basics of advanced learning. It helps in shaping the lives of children even into adulthood by helping them to take wise decisions on their own. The children who obtain this education develop many skills such as sharing, turn taking, communication as well as math skills. The benefits of elementary school learning are listed as follows:
  1. Enhanced knowledge & Improved Behavior– If a child gets the opportunity of elementary school, then his/her knowledge is going to be much more enhanced than children who do not receive education in elementary schools. It has also be seen that there has been an improvement in the behavior of children who attend elementary schools rather than who do not attend elementary school.
  2. Crucial for Personal Growth & Being a Team Player– The children who attend elementary schools have a better chance for their personal growth and it also helps them to become team players.
  3. Boosts Confidence– The education that is imparted in the elementary schools helps to boost the confidence of the children so that they can later contribute to the wellbeing of the society.
  4. Improves Cognitive Skills & Concentration Power- It has been seen that the children who attend elementary schools have better concentration power and cognitive skills than children who do not attend elementary schools.
  5. Strengthen Oral Language Skills- Elementary school education helps the children to strengthen their oral language skills, be it English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali and many more.
  6. Independent Learners- The children who attend elementary schools become independent learners so that they can understand the subject that is being taught in school.

To conclude, we can say that elementary school education is required for every child so that they can become independent and they can also help the society to become a better place to live in. Elementary school helps the child to express their emotions better. Thus, in the long run, the elementary schools play a vital role in shaping up the character of an individual as the child grows up.

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