Discover the Best Private School for Your Child

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One of the biggest decisions you have to make as a parent is choosing a private school for your children. If you want your child to receive a high-quality education that considers their unique needs, consider enrolling them into one of the best private schools in Mississauga, such as USCA Academy.

What makes the best private school?

At USCA Academy, students have the choice to apply for a full-time or part-time program at high school and secondary school levels. Full-time students can get their Ontario Secondary School Diploma from Grade 9-12 or sign up for the University Preparation Program in Grade 12. We’re among the private schools in Mississauga with a night school and after-school help program for part-time students. As one of the leading private schools in Canada for international students, we understand the unique challenges faced by students coming from abroad and can adjust our program based on their unique goals.

Best university acceptance rate

High school is a crucial time in a child’s academic life because it prepares them for higher education later on. This is why it’s important to choose a private school with a high university acceptance rate. USCA Academy is one such educational institution. We support our students in their college application and help them increase their chances of getting accepted through our University Preparation Program. Academic guidance counsellors work closely with students to create a personalized study plan.

Small class size

The best private schools in Mississauga have smaller class sizes, so teachers can provide individualized attention to every student. At USCA Academy, the average classroom has only five to 15 students.

Flexible intake of students

Mississauga private schools are more flexible in accepting students. USCA Academy has five intake semesters per year, so your child can start at a convenient time. We offer English and math placement tests and a prior learning assessment to efficiently identify the correct year level for the student. We also convert credits that were completed in your country.


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