Introduction to Business, Grade 9 or Grade 10, Open (BBI1O, BBI2O)

Course Title : Introduction to Business, Grade 9 or Grade 10, Open (BBI1O, BBI2O)
Course Name : Introduction to Business
Course Code : BBI1O, BBI2O
Grade : 10
Course Type : Open
Credit Value : 1.0
Prerequisite : None
Curriculum Policy Document: Business Studies, The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10, 2006 (Revised)

Course Description

This course introduces students to the world of business. Students will develop an understanding of the functions of business, including accounting, marketing, information and communication technology, human resources, and production, and of the importance of ethics and social responsibility. This course builds a foundation for further studies in business and helps students develop the business knowledge and skills they will need in their everyday lives.

Outline of Course Content

Unit Titles and Descriptions Time and Sequence
Unit 1: Business Fundamentals

This unit introduces students to business basics. Students will engage in a comparison of business types, a study of supply and demand, and an exploration of ethics and social responsibility in business.

20 hours
Unit 2: Functions of Business

In this unit, students will have an introductory look at the roles of production, human resources, management, marketing, accounting, and information and communication technology in business. Students will examine how these various departments work independently and in concert to fulfil the goals of an organization. Students will explore business tools such as balance sheets and income statements, current issues affecting Canadian business and investigate topics such as employability skills, the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers, and career paths in business.

23 hours
Unit 3: International Business

This unit introduces students to the benefits and challenges for Canada in the field of international business. Students will examine Canada’s major imports and exports, Canada’s major trading partners and trade agreements, and the barriers and obstacles of global trade for domestic and foreign partners. Students will also explore business etiquette and culture in other countries.

25 hours
Unit 4: Finance

In the finance unit, students will learn the basics of financial planning and how to make effective purchasing decisions. Various types of investments will be looked at, including interest calculations. Students will classify the major financial institutions in Canada and also learn about consumer and business credit.

20 hours
Unit 5: Entrepreneurship

The focus of this unit is on Canadian entrepreneurs, inventions, and innovations. Students will identify characteristics and skills associated with successful entrepreneurs; evaluate the roles and contributions of entrepreneurs; analyze the importance of invention and innovation in entrepreneurship.

20 hours
Final Evaluation

complete a culminating activity -15% The final assessment task is a two hour exam worth 15% of the student’s final mark.

2 hours
Total 110 hours

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