A Summer School Program in Ontario – Why You Should Enroll Your Child

Summer school may carry negative air for some students. It is often seen as a sort of punishment for poor performance in school—something they must endure while their friends enjoy their vacation. Many tend to attribute summer school to a huge sacrifice, but this isn’t always the case. Summer school in Ontario can be a fast track towards personal growth and academic success. Many students also use summer school in Mississauga to gain a firm foundation as they prepare for college. If you are looking for more reasons to enroll your child in summer school in Mississauga, read on to learn about the many great advantages of summer school learning:

  • Stave off learning loss. Research shows that average students lose at least 2 ½ months’ worth of learning and grade equivalency in math and in reading performance skills during the summer break. This makes it difficult for students to recuperate lost learning, come fall. As learning loss accumulates over the years, it causes students to perform below their grade level. Summer learning loss can be attributed to high dropout rates and to fewer students pursuing college after graduation. Summer school in Mississauga for secondary levels is an excellent way to ensure continuous learning and prevent skill and knowledge loss in students.
  • Prevent students from falling behind. Failing a class can snowball into lost credits and prevent students from taking specific courses they need to graduate. In Mississauga, the summer school offers an alternative to repeating a failed class during the school year, which can add extra stress to an already full schedule and cause them to fall behind. Summer school can ease the burden of a failed class and allow students some breathing time to help them recover from the stress of school work.
  • Get ahead in their studies. Completing summer classes can likewise help students who want to get ahead in their studies by moving quickly through their subjects. This can, in turn, help them graduate early.

Signing up for summer school in Ontario can be a rewarding step toward fulfilling students’ academic requirements.

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